For a quick how-to, watch our 4-minute club renewal video below!

👉 Please note the Amilia platform has been renamed to SmartRec.

For additional information, please refer to the steps below.

To renew your club membership, you'll be using your Federation's SmartRec store. If you're a paying Amilia customer, you'll find that this is very similar to what your customers experience when they're checking out of your own store... except this time, you're the client! If you haven't yet switched to SmartRec, we hope you enjoy this membership renewal process!

Note: The images below were taken using our test organizations. As you peruse this document, please remember that Amilia - Federation represents your Federation and DEMO Amilia Multi-Sports represents your club.

1) Go to

2) Click on Login, in the upper right corner of the screen.

3) Provide your user name and password.

SmartRec will now present you with the administration screens for your organization. This is the place you’ll come most often, in your day-to-day activities. We will cover these features in more detail in other documents. The screen you see now is called the Dashboard. It is your home screen.

4) Click on your email address in the upper right corner of the screen to reveal a menu.

5) Select Corporate Account. You are now inside your CORPORATE USER ACCOUNT.

Note: By default, the Amilia account owner will be the only user with corporate access.

The Corporate User Account is easily recognized through its navy blue sidebar and the building icon.

This is where you will come to pay off invoices from your Federation (in the Billing tab), update your information in your Federation’s database (in the Information tab), and review Communications or Purchases, as needed.

6) Where the image above shows Amilia – Federation, you will see your Federation instead. Click on the 🛒 Store button to make a purchase.

7) You are now in your Federation’s online store, acting on behalf of your club.

8) Select the membership you’d like to purchase by clicking on its name. This might be called 2016-2017 Club Membership Fee.

9) Click on Add.

10) Click on your name. Depending on your federation's settings, there may be several payment options available.

IMPORTANT: If your federation allows different payment options, and you intend to pay off your balance offline, you MUST select "Pay Now" (i.e. as if you intended to pay the full amount up front), otherwise that option will not be offered to you.

Click on the cart button of your choice to make a selection. NOTE: If you intend to pay off your balance by cheque, you MUST select the Pay now option.

11) Click on one of the two checkout buttons.

12) Make sure the confirmation screen is showing things as you like. Click on Checkout when you are ready. From here on out, your payment date and your balance will not change.

13) Fill out the club information form. Bold questions are mandatory. Regular text questions can be skipped. SmartRec will not let you complete the transaction until you have provided ALL mandatory information. When you have finished, click on Continue my purchase.

14) Choose a payment method and complete your transaction.

VoilĂ !

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