1. What is a Freemium account?

A Freemium account is an organization that has been granted a SmartRec account free-of-charge due to its relationship with a Federation.

2. Why do Freemiums use SmartRec?

Your Federation has opted to manage its organizations and members through Amilia's platform, SmartRec. Your organization is now linked to your Federation through SmartRec.

Freemiums use SmartRec primarily to report to their Federation on memberships they have sold offline or through another platform. This update should be completed periodically through the resale import, a CSV file you will download, fill in, and upload into SmartRec.

All clients input into SmartRec through the resale import will be reported to your Federation and your organization will be automatically invoiced. SmartRec is a way for your Federation to keep track of all it’s organizations and members in one platform!

3. How do I log in to my Freemium account?

You should receive a username and password for your Freemium account from your Federation. If you have any difficulty logging in, please reach out to your Federation directly.

4. What is a corporate account?

All organizations that are linked to a Federation have a corporate account within the Federation. A corporate account allows the administrator of the linked organization to purchase corporate memberships from the Federation store - see Renewing your club membership

You will also access your corporate account to view and pay invoices from your Federation

5. I’ve exported my list of clients from another client management system – what now?

Now you need to import all of those contacts in to SmartRec, ideally linking them to a resale membership in the process. In order to do so, be sure to first set up your memberships for resale.

Once your memberships are ready for resale, use the resale import form to create client accounts for all your members and simultaneously assign them to a Federation membership.

6. What if I want to import my list of contacts without assigning them a membership?

If your members do not have a resold membership, there is nothing linking them directly to the Federation. But, if you need to import a member without a membership, use the alternate import form.

7. What can a paying SmartRec account do that a Freemium can't?

A freemium account has nearly all the functionality available to other SmartRec organizations, with the exception that participants will not be able to register and pay online. That means your client database, activities, attendance lists, communications, accounting and more can all be managed through a freemium account.

Getting a SmartRec subscription means you will be able to offer your clients the ability to log in, register, and pay for items conveniently online! To upgrade your Freemium account, please contact sales@amilia.com

8. How do I pay my Federation?

To make a payment from your organization to your Federation, access your corporate account and view either the Billing tab or the Account Statement.

9. Can I search for members who are a part of other organizations in my Federation?

Yes - take advantage of the Members Search to find clients from across your Federation and import them in to your own organization. Learn more about the Members Search.

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