You may need to offer extra services as participants register to an activity. Whether you're offering a meal, a bus ride or before/after care, Service add-ons can be an easy way to keep track of it all in one place!

Service add-ons allows organizations to create merchandise that can only be sold if a participant enrolls in applicable activities. The items also appears next to the participant's name when you generate attendance lists so you can quickly verify who purchased any 'extras'.

This function improves both the administrator and end-user's experience by:

  • Ensuring merchandise is offered when the appropriate activity is sold;

  • Generating participant lists that can be filtered by services; and

  • Providing participant and merchandise information in one report.

NOTE: Quebec organizations cannot use service add-ons for before/after care activities as they will be unable to generate RL-24 receipts.

How it Works

1. Create your Service add-on

2. Assign your Merchandise to activities

3. Purchasing a Service add-on in the Store

4. View Service add-ons in your participant lists

1. Create your Service Add-on

Via the Store>Merchandise sub-tab, start by creating your merchandise as usual.

  • You must toggle Shipping to 'Not Applicable'.

  • Under the Service add-on section, place a check mark.

  • Finish configuring your merchandise and Save.

  • NOTE: You cannot add variants if you've enabled Service add-on.


2. Assign your Merchandise to Activities

Via Activities>Edit select the applicable activities and scroll to the Merchandise section.

  • Merchandise can be suggested or mandatory upon purchase of the activity.

  • You can still attach as many merchandise as required. Hit Save when done.


3. Purchasing a Service Add-on in the Store

A participant can purchase a Service add-on by:

  • Registering to an activity and being prompted to purchase the item; and/or

  • Clicking the Merchandise tab in the Store and selecting the item.


NOTE: Participants can purchase the merchandise if they've registered to the appropriate activity. Otherwise, they will not be able to select their name to purchase the item.

4. View Service Add-ons in Participant Lists

Once a participant purchases the merchandise, you'll see the item populate next to their names in the Activities>Registration tab.

Export the list of all participants by clicking Operations. Filter for participants with merchandise services using the excel spreadsheet.

Otherwise, filter clients with a merchandise item via Clients>Add filter>Merchandise.


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