If you don’t already sell merchandise, SmartRec’s merchandise feature is a great way to start! Selling merchandise, uniforms, equipment or tickets can generate new revenue streams for your business. We make it easy to promote your items by suggesting them at checkout. You can also tie the necessary merchandise to the activity either making it mandatory with registration or a suggestion. 

Create Merchandise

To add merchandise, go in Store Merchandise. Click on + New Merchandise and fill in the following sections:


  • Add the Name and Description of your merchandise.

  • Link Tags if desired. 

  • Write down the Cost price and the Selling price.

    • The Cost price will not be seen by clients. 

  • Associate the appropriate Ledger code.

  • Choose if Taxes are not included, included or waived

  • You can also add a Discount ($ or %) to your merchandise. 

Service add-on: Check if your merchandise if a service and you want to require your clients to specify for which activity and participant they wish to purchase this merchandise. To learn more, click here.

Shipping: Select the shipping option(s). Your shipping options can be configured in Store>Merchandise>Shipping.

Methods of payment: Select the accepted methods of payment.

Inventory tracking: 

  • Identifier: Enter a SKU or any other identifier you use to differentiate your products.

  • Select an inventory tracking policy for the product.

  • Enter the Quantity of your merchandise.

  • If you have variants, this section disappears.

Store Display: 

  • Choose if you want to Always show, Only show when in stock or Keep hidden.

  • Don’t forget to add an image! The Thumbnail is the version that will be shown in your Merchandise gallery and the Full Image is what your clients see when they click to see a detail view of the item.

Mandatory merchandise: You can combine items to sell them as a package. 

  • Click + Add merchandise. A list of your existing merchandise will pop up so you can select and add what you like.

Variants: Set variants if your merchandise have different sizes, colors, seat sections, table numbers, etc.

  • In the Variant column, write the name of your variant. It will appear in your store. 

  • If you are using SKUs, enter each variant’s SKU in the Identifier column.

  • Set the inventory tracking for your variant and the available quantity.

👉 Once an item is sold, you can't modify the variants section. If necessary, you must archive the merchandise item and create a new one with the updated variant options.

Don’t forget to Save when you're done!

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