SmartRec makes staffing and scheduling easier, enabling you to focus on what matters most: your services and participants. 

 The Staff Management module allows you to:

  • Assign tags, roles, and rates to your staff;

  • Create and view staff availability by day, week and month to aid in scheduling;

  • Assign staff to activities and be alerted to availability conflicts;

  • Review and send your staff their schedule;

  • Keep staff updated with their schedules in real-time with the Amilia app.

👉 Admins must have the right permissions to see the Staff tab appear in their organization's SmartRec account.

How it Works

1.  Create your Staff
    - Archiving Staff  
    - Assign a Role, Rate and Tags

2. Create your Staff Availability

3. Assign your Staff to Activities and be Notified of Schedule Conflicts
    - Staff Conflicts

4. View and Review Staff Schedules
    - Send Schedules

5. The Amilia App for Staff

1. Create your Staff 

In the the Staff Management > Staff subtab:

  • Click New Staff to create a new staff member.  

  • Enter your staff's email and click Next.

  • If your staff does not have a personal Amilia account, create a new one by adding their First and Last name.

  • If your staff already has an existing personal Amilia account, choose the right account member associated to the email from the drop-down menu.

  • Click on Create & Invite.

  • An email is sent to your employee to let them know they've been added to your organization as Staff. They will be invited to download the Amilia app for Staff.

👉 Once a staff member claims their account via the email invite, an organization admin can no longer make changes to the member's information. They can only add or delete availability.

Archiving Staff

If you no longer need a staff profile or a mistake was made while creating a new one, click on the staffer's name, scroll to the bottom and select Archive.

Reinstate an archived profile by filtering for archived profiles:

Click on the staffer's name, scroll to the bottom and select Unarchive.

👉 Archived staff do not have access to the staff features in the Amilia app.

Assign a Role, Rate and Tags

Catalogue your staff for easy filtering and identification using roles and tags. Hit Save once you’re done editing!

  • Role: Identify your staffer's role(s) within your organization.

  • Rate: Specify your staffer's hourly rate. This rate is displayed in staff time sheets. 

  • Tags: Label skills or attributes that are specific to your staff member.

2. Create your Staff Availability

Take the guesswork out of knowing if and when your staff is available to work when assigning them to your activities. SmartRec refers to your staff availability to keep you informed of any schedule conflicts.

  • Click on the staffer’s name and select 'Try adding an availability now'.

  • Name: Label the staffer’s schedule (ex: Fall Schedule, Weekend Schedule, etc.).

  • Date Range: Click this field to determine the availability range (Start/End date). They must be consecutive days. Click outside of the calendar when finished. 

  • Configure the days/hours of availability within your date range.

  • Add Additional Time Slots if you have varying availability on certain days of the week within the date range.

  • To configure separate individual days, create a new availability range in the Staff > Edit Staff Member subtab.

  • Save when finished. If you don’t require an availability, Delete it.

Staff can also add their own availability in the Amilia app for iPhone and Android devices.

Once availability has been established, start assigning your staff to activities.

3. Assign your Staff to Activities

Build your staff schedules by assigning them to activities in the Activities > Edit subtab.

  • Choose an activity and scroll to the Schedule and Resources section.

  • Click on an existing schedule or ‘Add a new one’.

  • Click on ‘Assign Staff’ and a drop-down list will appear of your existing staff. Select as many staffers as needed. Regardless of how many staff members are assigned, only one staff member's name appears in the store. 

  • To assign different staff members to different days within the schedule, select 'Click here to save and modify the occurrence(s)'. Click here for more details about occurrences.

  • Save your schedule and save your activity.

Staff Conflicts

SmartRec's fully flexible scheduling allows you to manage schedule conflicts (if any). In terms of staff, conflicts serve as an indicator to inform you of one of the following:

  • Your staff is already scheduled for another activity at the same time; and/or

  • You did not define your staff's availability for that day.

If your staff is already scheduled to another activity (or private lesson), you can edit any activity schedule entirely or change the staff assigned to the conflicting occurrence via ‘Click here to save and modify the occurrence(s).

Click here to learn more about managing schedule conflicts.

4. View and Review Staff Schedules

The Staff Management > Schedule subtab allows you to quickly filter and view your staff schedules, so you can see who's busy, when.

There are two ways to arrive at the Schedule viewer:

  • Via a staff member’s profile; and

  • Via Staff Management > Schedule.

View a complete list of your staff and their bookings by day, week or month.

Use the filter fields by Name and/or Tags to view an individual staffer's schedule or to display staff members with specific tags.

Send Schedules

Send all or selected staff their schedules at any time by clicking Send Schedules.

Email schedule details for the Date Range specified. You may include a message.

Staff can also view their calendar to find out when they're scheduled using the Amilia app!

👉 You can also send an email to a staff member assigned to an activity in the Activities > Registration subtab. Select the activity and then click Operations > Send an email to staff and/or participants.

5. The Amilia App for Staff

When an administrator adds staff in the Staff Management > Staff subtab, an email is sent which directs the member to a page that explains the benefits of using the app and invites them to download it to their mobile device.

Click here for more information about Amilia's app for staff!

Staff hired using Staff Recruitment will not receive this email at this time.

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