View the status of communications sent anywhere from the platform
except emails sent directly from within a client's file.

You can send an email to no more than 150 clients simultaneously.

Name: The title of the email sent.

Date created: The date and time the email was sent through the platform.

Sent: The amount of emails sent.

Open: The amount of emails opened by your customers.

Open rate: Percentage of emails Opened with regards to the number of emails sent.

Unsubscribed: The amount of customers who have unsubscribed from the automated emails from the platform, for your company. The customers can do this, as well as reverse it, under the Communications tab in their personal account. When a customer has unsubscribed, you'll see the

icon under the Email State column, in the Clients module.

Blocked / Spam: The automated delivery is blocked by the customer's email provider. If the customer does not find the email in his Spam folder, he can add the sender address to his approved sender list and/or contact his provider to request that the address no longer be blocked.

When clicking on an email


Sent: The email was sent from the platform

Delivered: The email made it to the client

Open: The client opened the email

Click: Recipient clicked on a link within the message.

Bounce: Receiving server could not or would not accept message.

Dropped: Our email delivery system was unable to deliver the email, for variable security reasons. Here are the most frequent:

  • Your message has a very high possibility of getting flagged as a spam. In this case, all the emails sent from the campaign gets dropped.

  • The recipient’s email address is invalid.

  • In the past, our delivery system failed to deliver emails to the the recipient’s email address or domain. It has now flagged the recipient’s email address or domain as undelivered.

  • In the past, the recipient marked any of your emails as a spam.

  • the message was determined to have a high count of things that most ISPs consider as SPAM.Example: Upper case letters in the subject line.

Spam: Recipient marked message as spam.

Unsubscribed: Recipient Unsubscribed to your sending.

For more details on recipients, click on the name of the email in blue. You will see the list of customers included in the mailing, the email address used, the Status of the email as well as the date of the last change made to the customer's file.

In order to view the body of the sent email, you can access the account for one of these customers and open the Emails section. You will be able to view all the emails sent to the customer through the platform.

We also suggest that you add your personal email address or your organisation's address so you can receive the confirmation.

NOTE: Clients who have not interacted with your organization during a period of 2 years will no longer receive your mass communications, until they make a transaction with your organization once again.   

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