Your registration period went off without a hitch and you may be wondering what comes next. Below, we'll review some common scenarios.

👉 If your registration period hasn't yet occurred, we encourage you to refer to our checklist to make sure everything is in place for a smooth launch.

🤷 A client registered to the wrong activity

It can happen to the best of us, but luckily, it's an easy fix! Your course of action depends on whether the activity the client really wants is within the same program.

If the activity is within the same program

You can perform a replacement in the client's account, which involves switching the original activity for another one within the same program. If the cost of the new activity is higher, the customer must pay the difference. If it's lower, the excess amount can be credited to the account or refunded.

If the activity is in a different program

If the activity is in a different program, you must cancel the original invoice. You may cancel the invoice without canceling the payment and then apply the existing payment to the new invoice.

⏪ A client wants to cancel and get a refund

It's possible to cancel a registration and refund any payments that were made. If the client paid online via credit card, the amount can be refunded back to the same card. You can add a cancellation fee according to your policy (if you have one).

  • Open the invoice and click on Cancel/Refund items.

  • Select one or all the invoice items.

  • Credit the full amount or a percentage. You can add a penalty fee which means the client will still be charged a residual amount.

  • Apply the refund amount (which should match the credited amount) and select to refund the client via an online credit card, or an offline payment method.

💵 A client requests personalized installment payments 

A client may want to plan payments that don’t follow your set installment plans. Admins with the right permissions can create custom installments in the client's billing account by clicking Operations> Make a payment.

  • A new screen appears. Select the invoice(s) the client is paying.

  • Click 'Configure installments for this payment'.

  • Write the initial installment amount and configure when the following equal payments will take place.

🕒 Managing your Wait list 

The wait list keeps track of clients who wish to be notified if a spot opens for a sold-out activity. You can enable a wait list in the activity's configuration.

Automated wait lists automatically send email notifications when a spot opens, providing them with a limited time offer to register. Manual wait lists are managed by admins, who can manually register clients in the wait list management page.

📑Taking Attendance

You can use the virtual attendance list or print paper versions to keep track of participants attending your activities.

In the Activities>Registration subtab, choose the program, click the activity name and then Attendance list.

📆 Convert Session spots into Drop-ins 

Say your session activity has a total of 15 spots, 3 of which are still open. By converting them, you deduct those 3 spots from your session availability and turn them into 3 drop-in spots (per activity occurrence). Your session spots would be considered 'full', and 3 drop-in spots would be available for each activity occurrence.

If the activity occurs every Tuesday and Friday for 4 months, up to 3 participants can drop-in on Tuesdays and/or Fridays (respectively) over the 4-month period.

  • Enable Drop-ins. Set the spots available to '0'. Save the activity.

    👉 If you already offer drop-ins, don't change the spots available. Converted session spots are added to the total number of available drop-in spots.

  • In the Activities>Registration subtab, add a checkmark to the activity.

  • Click Operations>Convert session spots. Your Session spots are now full!

  • In the Activities>Edit subtab, the available Drop-in spots will have increased by the number of session spots you converted.

📉 An activity has few registrations

If an activity is trailing behind in registrations, try sharing it on Facebook to increase visibility and encourage more sign-ups.

If you cancel the activity, the participants' registration will be canceled and a credit will be issued in their account. If necessary, you'll need to perform a refund in each account. In the store, the activity will show as Cancelled.

Clients won't be able to register. Alternatively, you can hide the activity from the store altogether by selecting the 'Hidden' status in the activity's configuration.

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