Synchronization is used to route your athletes list and memberships to Skate Canada. Therefore, you must first ensure that the information is correct and that it meets the information of Skate Canada, if the participant is already a member.


Here you will find all the member registrations that must be reviewed prior to sending updates to the Skate Canada Membership database. The system performs an automated search in the Skate Canada database using various fields such as name, date of birth, and membership number. In the Skate Canada Member column, a status tab which shows if there are possible matches to existing members – 100% Match (Choose), Possible Match (Modify) or No Match (New Member).


For each member listed, click on the status tab to review results and select an action.


The system performs an automated search in the Skate Canada database using first name, last name, date of birth and member number.

If a matching participant is found, in the Skate Canada member column, you will see the tab

Its member number will also appear in the SC Number column.

To confirm that the participant matches the one found by the system, you can click on this tab and view its information. If you do not change anything, it will be synchronized as it is to Skate Canada.

If more than one member is presented in this window, we invite you to compare the Member information with the results found in the Skate Canada database. Then select a match or create a new member.

You can click on the Perform search tab in this window or the name of the participant in blue to be automatically redirected to their client account.

Once a selection is made, the Sync Status will change to Ready.

Note that once the synchronization is sent, it will no longer be possible to modify the information.


In the Skate Canada Member column, click on the Choose tab.

If this is a new member and no matching member is offered in the window, check New Skate Canada member to define it.



1. First select the membership year (season) you are submitting from the drop-down menu. You will be able to sync memberships for multiple seasons if needed.

2. Select the participants to synchronize with Skate Canada. To send them all, check Select All. You can also check them individually, to only route the selected items.

3. Once you have selected the season and all the desired participants, expand the Operations menu and choose Send Syncs.


Once the synchronization is sent the Skate Canada Member column will show as Sent

and the Sync Status column will show Success, along with the date and time of the sending.


If synchronization has failed for a member, the Sync Status column will show Failed, with a red triangle. If you hover your mouse over it, you will get the explanation of the failure.

Possible Reasons for a Synchronization Failure

  • You indicated that a participant is a New Member, even though it is already a member.

  • You have sent the participant's synchronization for the wrong season.

  • An inconsistency beyond our control occurred at Skate Canada

What to do if synchronization fails

  • Search for this member's information and link it, then proceed again.

  • Change the season from the drop-down menu and proceed again.

  • Contact us at


If people have already been sent to Skate Canada, other than by synchronization on the platform or for another season, you can withdraw them from the synchronization:

1. Select them by checking them manually

2. Open the Operations menu

3. Choose Cancel Syncs


After you sent the synchronization to Skate Canada, you can extract an Excel report, for a chosen period.

1. Open the Operations drop down menu and choose Sent syncs report.

2. In the new window, select the desired period. The dates are inclusive.

3. Click Generate to download the Excel file. It would have a Summary tab and one for each option.

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