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Email marketing is a smart and affordable way to stay connected with your contacts. Constant Contact provides the tools and expert support you need to succeed at email marketing and drive results towards engaged contacts, new customers and repeat business.

SmartRec's integration with Constant Contact means you can:

  • Automatically export your SmartRec clients to new and existing mailing lists in your Constant Contact account;

  • Grab customers’ attention by texting them with SMS Marketing;

  • Create lists based on programs, activities, memberships and/or merchandise;

  • Synchronize client contact information across both platforms so your contact lists are always up to date!

Constant Contact is offering a 10% discount to all Amilia clients, with more discounts if you purchase a prepaid plan! Pricing is based on how many email contacts you have.

Start your free trial now to explore how Constant Contact can help your business.

Already using Constant Contact?

Once setup of your Constant Contact account is complete, you can activate the integration in SmartRec in the Store > Store settings > Web Marketing subtab:

  • Under Constant Contact, click the 'Enable email marketing' button.

  • Enter your Constant Contact credentials and Login to complete the integration!

📇 Create Constant Contact Lists

You can import client account owner email addresses into Constant Contact in the Clients>Accounts subtab. In addition to creating a contact list that includes all of your clients, you can filter accounts in order to easily segment your clients into contact lists based on who purchased a specific item.

Pertinent filters include:

  • Programs

  • Activities

  • Memberships

  • Merchandise

  • Donation

  • Last transaction date

📒 Add a New Constant Contact List

In the Clients>Accounts subtab:

  • Filter and/or select all accounts by clicking the Account owner box.

  • Click Operations>New Constant Contact list.

  • Name your new contact list and click Save.

  • Your new contact list will be available in on the Constant Contact platform.

✏️ Add to Existing Constant Contact Lists

In the Clients>Accounts subtab:

  • Filter and/or select all accounts by clicking the Account owner box.

  • Click Operations>Add to an existing Constant Contact list.

  • Choose from your existing Constant Contact lists and click Save.

  • Emails will be automatically added to the list.

👉 When creating a new list or adding contacts to an existing one, if you are selecting individual client accounts (instead of all accounts), you must export on a page by page basis.

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions regarding SmartRec's integration with Constant Contact.

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