We've added some filters in the store to help streamline your customers' shopping experience. By utilizing filters, clients can customize their search for the activities and merchandise that's important to them.

There are currently 4 filter types available in your store:


This filter is based on the age restriction set in your activity. To benefit from its full potential, ensure you add an age restriction to activities with a preferred age group.

If no age restrictions are applied to any activities, the filter will not appear in the store.


This filter locates activities that are scheduled to occur on the day you selected.


A client can now filter based on the name of your facility to help them find activities closest to them. To make this happen, you must link your facilities to your activities. It'll save you time in the long run and provides clients with more information as to where activities are taking place.

If no facility is linked to your activities, the filter will not appear in the store.

Custom Filters (Tags)

Using custom filters allows clients to browse by types of activity (camp, yoga, tumbling, soccer, recreational), skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), or any categorization that will help your clients locate unique activities and services.

  • Customize your tags via the Account>Tags subtab.

  • It isn't necessary to create tags based on age, day or location.

  • Make them Visible to Clients if you want them to be used as filters in your store.

  • Assign tags to your activities.

  • Remember to put yourself in your customer's shoes when planning your tags. The goal is to make their life easier when they are searching for your activities!

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