Layouts help you organize the items you sell through the Point of Sale feature. Add merchandise to your layout(s) and then assign a layout to your workstation in order to sell your merchandise.

How it Works

1.  Create a Layout

2. What is a Folder?

3. Manage your Layouts

1. Create your Layout

Via the Point of Sale>Layouts subtab:

  • Click New layout

  • Name your layout. This name could be related to the merchandise to be sold (ex: food, drinks, sports gear, etc.) or the location in your facilities where you will sell your items (ex: front desk, back entrance, left-wing hall, main hall, auditorium A, etc.).

  • Add a product: Search for the merchandise item until it appears in the drop-down list. Click on it to add to the layout below. Items must already exist in the Store>Merchandise subtab. If enabled, SmartRec can track your merchandise inventory as you make sales!

  • Add a folder: A folder groups items together to make it easier to access them (ex: a beverage folder could contain each kind of beverage while a chocolate bar folder would contain each kind of chocolate bar).

  • Show a product's image when viewing it on a workstation. 

  • Click the blue crayon icon to color code product items and folders in the layout. 

  • Click the red X icon to remove the product. 

  • Save when finished. 

2. What is a Folder? 

When you add a product, you add an individual merchandise item to your layout. When you add a folder, you create a group of merchandise items that appears under one product icon in your layout.

  • Add a folder to group all the beverage items together. A new window opens.

  • Name your folder and add each product that belongs to the group.

  • After saving your folder, a product icon representing all the items appears in your layout. In the example below, the 'Beverages' folder contains 3 items.

  • Click the grey crayon icon to view the folder's contents and to make any necessary changes. Remember to Save your folder and then Save your layout.

  • Folders cannot be shared between layouts. You must build a new folder in each layout.

3. Manage your Layouts

Layouts are located in the Point of Sale>Layouts subtab.

  • Click the layout's Name to open the layout and to make any necessary changes.

  • The number of items in the layout is listed under the Items column. A product folder with several items counts as 1 item under this column.

  • To delete a layout, click its Name, scroll down and click Delete.

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