You can make a purchase on behalf of a client in the Clients tab:

  • Select the name of the account owner for whom you want to make a purchase.

  • Click on Add Purchase.

You will be directed to your online store and a message in orange will tell you that you are making a purchasing on behalf of the customer. All sections in orange are only visible to administrators. 

  • Choose a program and an activity.

  • Select the account member who needs to be registered to this activity by clicking on the icon next to his name. If the account member is not created, you can do it by clicking on Add another person.

  • NOTE: If you wish to make a purchase for your client and pay in installments, you must still choose to pay the full amount in the store. This way, you can Skip and pay later and enter the installments in the client's billing subtab.

  • When your purchases are finished, click on Checkout.

NOTE: The administrators can bypass any restrictions placed on activities ( such as limited spots available). Make sure to check these before continuing.

Proceed to Checkout

At checkout, administrators can add fees or rebates to the client's invoice.

  • Answer the questions on the registration form, if necessary.

  • Select a Method of payment. You can also choose to Skip and pay later. This creates an invoice the client's account.

  • A notification is sent to the account owner's email address. If no email address is specified, Amilia will send the notification to the account owner's username email address. 

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