Establishing your facility schedule(s) makes it easier to visualize your availability and saves you time when booking an activity or manually renting out space for a client. 

Facilities can be reserved in two ways:

  • Link your facility to an activity: Linking a facility to an activity in the Activities module automatically updates the facility's schedule. Click here to find out more!

  • Reserve your facility manually: You can manually add reservations via the Calendar subtab, either on a one-time basis or create recurring events. You may include an invoice with your booking.

If you wanted to create a rental contract for your facility reservation, then click here.

Keep reading to learn how to book a client reservation for a facility using the Facilities module.

How it Works

1. Create a Reservation via the Facility's Schedule

2. Configure your Reservation
    - Schedule Tab
    - Information Tab
    - Conflicts Tab

3. Booking with an Invoice
    - Clients tab
    - Pricing Tab

4. Edit/Delete a Reservation

1. Create a Reservation via the Facility's Schedule

Via the Facilities subtab: 

  • Click on the calendar icon next to the applicable facility to access its schedule; or

  • Select the Calendar subtab to access the schedule for all facilities and choose the facility you wish to book.

  • Toggle your calendar to the preferred view: month, week, day, etc.

  • To book your time slot, click on the desired spot on the calendar or select +New Booking.

2. Configure your Reservation

Schedule Tab

  • Booking without an invoice: Select if no invoice is required for the reservation.

  • Booking with an invoice: To create an invoice for the reservation, you must choose from an existing price schedule.

  • Location: Confirm the facility in which you want to create the booking. If you are making a booking without an invoice, you can reserve multiple locations on the same booking.

  • Recurrence: Define your event's schedule.

Information Tab

  • Event Type: Select a preset event type (programmed in the Facilities>Booking Types subtab). Click here for more information on adding/customizing booking types. 

  • Name: Every booking needs a name. This is the name that will appear in the calendar.

  • Description: Descriptions are useful to add details to bookings but are not mandatory.

Conflicts Tab

  • Conflicts: If a reservation has a conflict with an existing booking, you'll notice a red icon, with details pertaining to which booking is already in the schedule. You can choose to delete/modify your reservation, or save anyway.

3. Booking with an Invoice

Extra tabs appear in the configuration window when you select to book with an invoice.

Upon saving a booking with an invoice, it creates an invoice in the client's file. The only way to remove this type of booking is by deleting it within the client's billing account.

Clients Tab

Choose one client to receive the invoice:

  •  Add new client if they do not already exist in your database; or

  • Search name in the database and Select an existing client profile.

  • The invoice will appear in the client's billing tab.

Pricing Tab

Select one of two Pricing Types:

  • Flat Fee: Create a flat fee for the reservation, including applicable taxes.

NOTE: You can't edit or delete the booking unless you cancel the invoice in the client's account.

4. Edit/Delete a Reservation

If your facility is linked to an activity, you must delete or change the activity's schedule.

If your facility is reserved by means of a rental contract or an invoice, you need to cancel the invoice record in the client's file.

If you manually reserved your facility, simply click on the booking and Edit the event. 

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