You can begin generating your RL-24's immediately. They can be sent electronically to the government as of today through the 28th of February. They must be validated by the Quebec government no later than February 28th 2021.

Organizations can transmit RL-24 receipts electronically if they are issuing over 50 receipts for a fiscal year. This can be done in 5 steps via the Reports > RL-24 Tax credit subtab.

How it Works

1.  Step 1- Information Confirmation

2. Step 2- Incomplete Reconciliations

3. Step 3- Cancelled Registrations & Partially Paid Fees

4. Step 4- Rectify Missing Information

5. Step 5- Final RL-24 Confirmation

6. Manually Generating and Modifying RL-24's (after submission)

Step 1- Information Confirmation 

The first step to generating your RL-24's is verifying which activities are eligible and if fees are declared by day or by week.

  • Click on 'Go to Step 1'.

  • Filter your list for All, Eligible or Ineligible activities. The total amount of activities is indicated.

  • To change the eligibility of an activity, click on its name and scroll to the Taxes section of the activity. Save the activity when done.
    NOTE: The date of the activity determines its eligibility for the RL-24 tax credit. For example, an activity for 2021 but created in 2020 will only count as eligible for the RL-24 tax credit of year 2021, even if your clients have already registered and paid for this activity in 2020. 

  • Return to Reports > RL-24 tax credit > Step 1 to continue reviewing eligible activities.

  • When finished, click Continue to proceed to Step 2.

NOTE: You can export your lists by clicking 'Export to Excel'.

Step 2- Incomplete Reconciliations

The next step is ensuring all payments, credits and reimbursements have been reconciled to the appropriate invoice items. This is crucial to generating accurate RL-24 slips.

  • Verify each incomplete reconciliation by clicking on the invoice number, which directs you to the client's billing tab.

  • If a payment is not reconciled to an eligible invoice item, it will not be admissible.

  • Click Back to Summary to return to your list of eligible activities; or

  • Click Continue to proceed to Step 3.

Step 3- Cancelled Registrations & Partially Paid Fees

You can generate an RL-24 for cancelled registrations if a child qualifies and partially participated in an eligible activity. Amilia provides a list of cancelled registrations involving eligible child participants.

  • Verify each account to see if a child is eligible for a partial RL-24 tax credit.

  • All fields must be completed manually.

  • Click Continue to proceed to Step 4.

Step 4- Rectify Missing Information 

Amilia will flag accounts missing SIN and/or address information. Once you proceed to Step 4, you cannot return to Steps 1-3. 

  • Verify each page for accounts with missing information. These are flagged with red boxes.

  • Filter for all accounts or those with or without SIN information.

  • Corrections made to SIN numbers and/or address information can be made for the purpose of submitting RL-24's, but this will not make changes within the client's account.

  • Any account missing SIN number will not generate an RL-24 slip.

NOTE: You can update incorrect or missing information who have been changed in the client's account by clicking on Refresh erroneous SIN and Addresses.

Step 5- Final RL-24 Confirmation

This step produces the list of RL-24's that will be sent to the government for approval. Clients whose information was not corrected in Step 4 will not appear in this list nor be sent. You can return to Step 4 if necessary. This is the last time you will have an opportunity to make changes in batches.

  • To remove someone from the list, uncheck the 'Submit Receipt' box.

  • Click any field to edit information manually.

  • Click Summary to generate an at a glance view of the total receipts, the number or receipts with errors and the total to be sent to the government.

  • You can return to Step 5 or click Continue to transmit the RL-24's.

Confirm your Organization

Verify your organization's contact information and type. Corrections can be made via the Account > Main Information subtab.

  • Your Quebec Business Number (NEQ) and Identification number consist of 10 numeric characters. These numbers are visible on your correspondence with Revenu Quebec.

  • Your File number consists of 4 numeric characters and is visible on your correspondence with Revenu Quebec.

  • Once information is completed, click Submit and Send.

  • You cannot cancel the submission.

What Happens Next?

Once RL-24's are sent to the government, you can no longer edit RL-24 slips in batches. You may cancel or make modifications to individual slips and re-send electronically.

  • It may take approximately 3 business days for the government to validate the RL-24's. Once the government has validated the RL-24's, organization administrators with an 'Account owner' access level will receive an email notifying them that the RL-24's are ready. An admin must click 'Send your clients an email' in the Reports>RL-24 tax credit subtab.

  • An automatic email is then sent to the email address used to login to the client's Amilia account. RL-24's are not included in the email.

  • Account owners can access their RL-24's via their Amilia account, in the Documents tab.

  • When receipts are approved, organizations can print RL-24's by batch or individually via the Reports > RL-24 Tax Credit subtab. A copy is also in the client's file under the Documents subtab.

  • If an RL-24 was not validated, your organization will receive an email specifying where errors were found. Correct the information and resubmit to the government.

Manually Generating and Modifying RL-24's

After the government has validated your submission, it may be necessary to create additional RL-24's. This must be done manually.

Via Clients > Client file > Documents subtab, create an RL-24 for a secondary adult or create a new RL-24 for the first time.

  • If the secondary adult's information is in the Account Members subtab, a link with their name will be present in the Documents subtab.

  • If the secondary adult does not exist, add them to the applicable child's contacts in the Account Members subtab.

  • By clicking on the link, an RL-24 template appears. Complete the empty fields.

  • Save the information.

  • Resubmit the RL-24 to the government via Reports > RL-24 Tax Credit.

Modify or Cancel an Existing RL-24

After the government has validated your submission, it may be necessary to modify some RL-24's. This must be done manually.

Via Reports > RL-24 Tax Credit click on Search for an RL-24.

  • Find an RL-24 by the child or parent's name, or the SIN.

  • To Edit: Click on the crayon in the Action field. Any field may be corrected.

  • To Cancel: Click on the X icon in the Action field.

  • Resubmit the RL-24 to the government via Reports > RL-24 Tax Credit.

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