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Kickoff: (1:06)

Five New Reports: (2:55)

e-Check on subscription (3:49)

Mass-edit wait list settings (4:42)

Permission to view wait lists (5:00)

New permissions for cancellation policies (5:23)

How to stay up-to-date on what’s happening with the platform (5:55)

What coming summary: (6:15)

Rental Contract Versioning (7:18)

Self-serve scholarships: (7:38)

Camping & overnight booking rentals: (8:09)

Third-party analytics and business intelligence (8:49)

Recurring payment method management (9:58)

Virtual Gift Cards (10:59)

Printable and customizable universal ID cards (11:40)

Promotions on private lessons (12:14)


How do we pull reports on multiple activities at once within the same program? And how can we mass email our clients?

From the Activity tab, admins can select multiple activities using the checkboxes on the page and then use Operations to pull a report or do an action pertaining to all the activities they have selected. There is a report called "Information on the Activities of the Program" where info can be pulled for all activities within a program. Regarding emails, you are able to mass email participant from multiple activities by enabling the Email Blast app.

Since we will soon be able to have printable ID cards, will be able to able to have printable membership cards?

Yes! Please note that this is still being worked on and is not complete yet. If you are interested in testing it our, you can contact our support team or your Customer Success Manager to get access.

Will we soon be able to use Pax terminals for Interact transfers?

Yes, but in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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