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Kickoff: (1:06)

New Reporting Tab: (2:36)

Duplicating Facilities: (3.39)

Wait list Improvements: (4:30)

Discounts on multi-passes: (5:31)

Payment and Reconciliation (6:00)

What coming summary: (8:25)

Contract Versioning (9:12)

Echeck on subscription (9:22)

Double entry accounting (10:05)

Third-party analytics and business intelligence (11:02)

Self-serve scholarships: (11:57)

Multi-pass access to ope-gyms (12:30)

Camping & overnight booking rentals (self-serve): (13:15)

Integrated Payment Terminals (13:57)

Payment Terminal Giveaway (14:16)

How to stay up-to-date on what's happening in the platform: (7:40)


Which roles have eligible permissions for modifying reconcilliations?

There are two permissions you can asign to any of your roles: Manage reconciliations and Delete reconciliations

Are the API Third-party analytics going to be an adition cost?

The integration itself is included in your fees. The BI tools themselves are not.

What would you consider a scholarship and how could organizations like dance schools use them?

A scholarship is a form of financial assistance that your organization can offer its clients on the basis of economic need or merit. In Amilia, scholarships are a way to offer special pricing to students who may not be able to otherwise afford your programs. Once launched, scholarships can be applied directly to the client account so that they can use it as a mode of payment when they purchase items in your online store.

Does Pax920 Terminal work in CAD or just USD?


Payment Terminal Giveaway (14:16)

If you have a merchant account with paysafe or use AmiliaPayment, you can enter our terminal giveaway to receive 1 pax920 terminal. ​

Winners will be announced May 4th, terminal will be shipped May 15th. ​

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