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  • What’s an RL-24? (2:20)

  • Who can generate them? (2:57)

  • How do I prepare for RL-24 season? (4:30)

  • Useful reports (9:11)

  • E-mail template (10:24)

  • Steps to generate RL-24s in Amilia (10:58)

  • How to modify or add an RL-24 (19:49)

  • FAQs (22:30)

Webinar Recording


1. Are Social Insurance Numbers (SINs) mandatory when generating RL-24s?

Yes, they are! You cannot generate an RL-24 without a client’s SIN.

2. Where can I find the email template to send to clients reminding them to verify their information?

You can find it in this knowledge base article.

3. I completed Step 3 in the process without checking off the box in the leftmost column. Why is it important to check it off?

Checking off the box in Step 3 confirms that you want to carry that client through the steps, and they should receive an RL-24.

4. In step 3, do we have to enter the numbers manually if we haven’t issued refunds in an account? Is the amount the client actually paid automatically recognized when generating an RL-24?

Step 3 shows cancellations, not necessarily refunds. If you have refunded someone without cancelling their invoice, you would reconcile it in Step 2. However, if you see a client in step 3, something eligible was cancelled and the system is giving you the chance to still give them an RL24. You will need to fill out the details manually for this person.

5. Where do I go to make changes to an RL-24 I’ve already generated?

Once Revenue Quebec has processed the RL-24s, a button appears that allows you to search through all your confirmed RL-24s. That’s where you can make changes.

6. What happens if two activities the client purchased are eligible for RL-24s? Do I need to generate a separate RL-24 for each one (example: one for spring break and one for day camp)?

The amounts should be calculated automatically by following the steps in Amilia. One RL-24 will be generated for each child and will include all eligible activities. For example, a child participated in Spring Break camp for $500 and Day Camp for $500, this child will be eligible for one RL-24 of $1000.

7. Is it possible to generate an RL-24 for 2019?

Now that the 2020 season has begun, it is not possible to generate RL-24s for 2019 through Amilia using the steps. Your client will need to contact Revenue Quebec directly for help with that.

8. Can I generate an RL-24 from 2019 for an activity that was paid for in 2020?

If the eligible activity was paid for in 2020, then you can generate an RL-24 for it this year.

9. Do I need to resend an RL-24 to the government, if I make changes to it?

Once you complete the steps and send the information to the government, you can no longer go through the steps and create RL24s for multiple clients at once. Each time the government confirms and validates your RL-24s, you may cancel or make modifications to individual slips and resend them electronically as many times as you wish. You can also manually create a new RL-24 for a client from the Documents section in their account.

10. Can I see which clients refused to provide their SIN?

Yes! The quickest was to see this is by going to Reports>Ad Hoc and generating one of these reports: Missing SIN for all accounts or Missing SIN for recipients.

11. Some of my clients don’t have email addresses. Can I print a hard copy and send it to them by mail?

Absolutely. You can search for the RL-24, print it for them, then send it by mail or give it to them in person.

12. I made a correction to an RL24 that was confirmed, I sent it to be validated again and now I can’t search in my list of RL-24s. Why is that?

This is completely normal. Once your RL-24s are validated and you need to make corrections or create new ones, it is better to gather multiple corrections instead of sending each one individually because all your RL-24s are frozen until you receive approval from Revenue Quebec again.

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