You download reports often, sometimes daily, and each time you must specify which fields they want on the report. The saved report template has been designed with you in mind!

Why would you need to save your report templates? This will save you time and minimize your repetitive tasks.

How to Proceed?

Currently, you can save your report template from the Membership tab and the Activities tab. The reports with this feature are:

  • Member list (Membership tab)

  • Attendance list generation (Activities tab)

  • Summary of selections (Activities tab)

  • Activity/participant list (Activities tab)

After clicking on one of these reports, a window with the different options will appear on your screen. Locate at the top of this window, you should see “Saved Templates”.

This section is where you will have access to all your saved templates and where you can name and save the new templates.

To begin, build your report by selecting all the columns you want to include in your report. Then, select the desired options and format (Excel or PDF). Once all your preferences are perfectly defined, you can name your new template and save it.

NOTE: You can modify and delete any saved report templates.

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