In this article you will learn how to:

1. Add or remove an account member

2. Edit a member's information

3. Edit member information for a specific organization

4. Edit contacts

1. Add or remove an account member

An account member is a child or adult family member that is added to your personal account for the purpose of registering to an activity or purchasing items from an organization's online store.

  • Add an account member by clicking +Add a person next to your name.

  • Complete the fields and click Ok.

  • To remove an account member, select their profile from the Person list.

  • Click Delete to deactivate the member.

  • If a member has purchases, you can only archive the account. Their name will no longer appear for selection when purchasing in an online store.

  • To unarchive, select their name in the Members tab and click Unarchive.

👉 If you have duplicate records of the same account member and are unable to delete them, please contact us at and we'll be glad to help!

2. Edit a member's information

In the Members tab, select the member you wish to edit information for.

  • Click the Edit button next to the section you wish to modify.

  • Children do not have an Address section. It is the same address as the account owner.

  • You can also update information during checkout in an organization's online store.

3. Edit member information for an organization

Each organization has its own registration form, which means you can be providing different information for each one. For example, the need for a child's contact information may vary from one organization to the next.

  • In the Members tab, select the member's name and scroll to the bottom. 

  • The 'Forms by organization' section lists the organizations for which a registration form has been completed for a member. 

  • Click the blue triangle icon to view each section and Edit if you need to modify. 

  • Save your changes.  

4. The importance of Contacts

Most organizations will require that you provide contact information for child members. This is important in the case of an emergency, for security and in some cases, for RL-24 tax receipts.

  • The number of contacts you need to provide varies between organizations.

  • To remove a contact, click the X icon. If required, you can Add a contact.

  • The RL-24 field is available for organizations based in Quebec that offer daycare services. If your child is eligible for this tax credit, you must determine the % to be remitted to each legal guardian (if applicable). Click here for more details.

  • Save your changes.

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