There's more to your personal Amilia account than simply accessing your organization's online store! Find our more about what each tab has to offer!

1. Home

2. Billing

3. Purchases

4. Account Statements

5. Wallet

6. Members

7. Membership Cards 

8. Communication

9. Documents

10. Settings

Home Tab

The Home tab provides an overview of yours and your account members upcoming activities and events. Get quick access to online stores you've visited in the past. Learn more here.

Billing Tab

Keep an eye on your invoices from organizations you've registered to! The Billing tab allows you to view invoices, receipts and even pay your balance online. How convenient!

Purchases Tab

The Purchases tab provides an at a glance view of who is registered to what. Filter by organization and date. Click on the Invoice # to view specific invoice details. Click on the name of an activity or item to view where it was purchased in the organization's online store. Click here for more details.

Account Statements Tab

If an organization sends an account statement, access it in the Account Statements tab.

Wallet Tab

You can save up to 10 credit cards and 10 bank accounts in your user account, which is a safe and convenient way to speed up the checkout process. You can authorize organizations to charge them towards purchases and/or an existing balance in your account. Click here for more details!

Members Tab

The Members tab is where you'll manage yours and your account members contacts, address, personal and medical information. Click here for more details!

Membership Cards Tab

Some organizations create virtual membership cards that you can access in your personal account. Click here to learn more!

Communication Tab

Select from which organizations you wish to receive emails from (copies of invoices, notices from organizations and calendar invites), which are forwarded to your personal email as well as the Communications tab. Click here for more details.

Documents Tab

The Documents tab houses RL-24 tax receipts if you are eligible to receive them. This is only available to organizations in Quebec. Click here for more details.

Settings Tab

The Settings tab allows you to change your username, password, account owner etc. You can access our privacy policy as well as obtain a record of the data you share when using any of Amilia's products (e.g., SmartRec). Click here for more details!

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