An organization may ask for your social insurance number for tax purposes. It is in your right to refuse to provide this information.

However, organizations in Quebec who offer day care or day camp services are required to provide SIN information for children who are eligible to receive the RL-24 tax credit. If your child is eligible for this credit, you must indicate your SIN if you wish to receive the RL-24 receipt.

Ensure your SIN information is entered in your child's member profile:

1. Add Contacts to your child's profile for each applicable organization

2. Add or modify your SIN

Click here to learn more about RL-24 tax credit requirements (Quebec only)

1. Add Contacts to your child's profile

If your child is eligible for an RL-24 tax credit, you must provide the contact information for the legal guardians to the applicable organizations.

  • Via the Members tab, select your child's name.

  • Scroll down to the 'Forms by organization section'.

  • Under the appropriate organization(s), click Edit next to Contacts.

  • Save any changes.

Add a new Contact

If necessary, you can Add additional contacts.

  • Select an existing account member or Add a new contact.

  • When adding a new contact, fill in the required fields on the form, click Ok.

  • This creates a new account member record.

Second legal guardian and RL-24's

Specify the RL-24 percentage to be allocated to each legal guardian (if applicable).

  • Choose if one guardian receives 100% or if it's split 50/50.

  • The total percentage must equate to 100%.

  • Save your changes.

2. Add or modify your SIN

Social insurance numbers (SIN) are added in the adult member's profile via the Members tab. Primary and Secondary legal guardians receiving an RL-24 tax receipt must provide their SIN.

  • Select the adult member's profile.

  • Scroll down to the Other information section and click Edit.

  • Save your changes.

NOTE: You can only add or modify your SIN if you are the primary or secondary legal guardian of a child who is eligible for the RL-24 tax credit.

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