Log into your Amilia personal account:

  • Click the Billing tab. 

  • Choose the organization from the drop-down menu. 

  • Click the 'Make payment' button. You must have a balance owing. 

👉 The 'Make payment ' button is available if the organization allows clients to pay their balance online. If no button is showing, please contact them directly. 

An organization determines whether you can make a partial payment or if the balance must be paid in full.

If the outstanding invoice(s) auto-selects and you can't edit the amount, you must pay the full balance. If you don't wish to pay the full amount, contact the organization for other arrangements. 

You may receive an invoice or account statement with the total owed. This includes a "Make payment" button that, after you sign into your personal account, brings you directly to the "Make payment" window in the Billing section.

If partial payments are allowed, select the outstanding invoice(s) and write the amount you wish to pay. A minimum amount may be required.

  • An organization may not allow certain payment types. If you don't see the payment type you prefer, contact the organization for other arrangements.

  • If you saved your credit card(s) and/or banking information in your Wallet, they will be available to use if the payment type is permitted.  You can use a different card or bank account if you prefer.

  • Click Make payment once all the information is entered. 

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