The Payment Method tab allows you to manage your credit cards and/or bank accounts individually and with clarity. You can add, replace and/or delete payment details, view upcoming payments on each card or bank account, and also authorize organizations to automatically charge them for future purchases or towards an existing balance in your account.

In this article, you will learn:

  1. How to navigate the Payment Method tab

  2. The importance of authorizations and how to manage them

  3. How to replace or delete an existing payment method

1. How to Navigate the Payment Method tab

Consider the Payment Method tab as your Amilia wallet!

  • Add a payment method to save up to 3 credit cards and 3 bank accounts.

  • Switch the display between your credit card(s) or bank account(s) by clicking on the blue (credit cards) or grey (bank accounts) card icons on the top right-hand corner.

  • Click to highlight the image of your card or bank account you wish to manage. The Replace \ Delete options are available for the one you have selected.

Authorizations, Upcoming payments and Billing addresses

Naturally, each payment method you save will have its own characteristics. When you click and highlight a credit card or bank account, all the data pertaining to that specific payment method is shown.

  • An authorization is a permission you grant to allow an organization to charge a payment method on your behalf. Instead of giving your payment details over the phone, the administrator can charge the specific card or bank account directly.

  • Upcoming payments shows all of your planned installment payments, as well as your next subscription payment(s). Keep in mind that the upcoming payments shown are specific to the card or bank account you have highlighted.

  • The Billing address for each payment method is not necessarily your residential address. To avoid refused payments and in compliance with current security measures, Amilia requires a billing address for each individual payment method.

2. How to Manage your Authorizations

You can grant authorization to an organization during checkout, or by ticking the box next to their name in the Authorizations section in the Payment Method tab.

You can only revoke authorizations in the Payment Method tab. You cannot revoke authorizations at checkout.

πŸ‘‰ At checkout

  • If you want to save your card or banking information for the first time at checkout, then you must automatically grant authorization to the organization.

  • If the payment method was already saved in your user account prior to your purchase, you can proceed without granting authorization.

πŸ‘‰ In the Payment Method Tab

  • Adding any item to your cart from an organization's online Amilia store makes their name appear in the Authorizations list, for all of your saved payment methods.

  • Check or uncheck authorized organizations at any time. Authorized organizations can charge the payment method, but unauthorized organizations cannot.

  • You can personalize which organization is authorized for each individual credit card or bank account you save.

Granting authorization for this credit card to 'Amilia Swag Store'

Granting authorization for this bank account to 'Amilia Social Club'

πŸ”΄ IMPORTANT: If you remove the authorization from an organization with which you set up installments or subscriptions (planned payments), they can still process the remaining planned payments. However, they will not be able to charge any new purchases on your behalf.

3. How to Replace or Delete a Payment Method

You may wish to replace a saved payment method with another one, or delete it altogether. Click to highlight a saved credit card or bank account that you wish to Replace or Delete. If you unintentionally select one of these options, simply click the X to close the window.

πŸ‘‰ Replace a Payment Method

Assume your saved credit card is about to expire. Simply replace the old card with a new one. The Replace button allows you to update the card number, expiry date, billing address, etc. and transfers your authorizations and any upcoming payments and authorizations from the old card to the new one. It works the same way with your banking information.

Moving forward, organizations you've set up planned payments with will be able to charge the new credit card or bank account details. There is one exception:

  • Upcoming payments are not transferred if the original card or bank account was not saved before or during checkout at the time you made the initial purchase. This would be the case if you made a purchase and provided your payment information over the phone with an organization's administrator.

To be clear, if you replace a payment method (even if it's only to update the billing address), upcoming payments are only transferred if the original card or bank account was already saved in your user account or saved at checkout when you initially purchased your item(s) that are linked to the planned payments.

If this isn't the case, contact the organization(s) so they too can update your payment information on their end.

πŸ‘‰ Delete a Payment Method

Deleting a saved credit card or bank account removes the details completely and revokes all authorizations linked to it.

  • The option to delete a payment method is not available if you have upcoming payments. If the card or bank account must be deleted and you do not intend to replace it with updated information, contact the applicable organization(s) to delete the upcoming payment(s) on their end. Once these are canceled, you will have the option to delete the payment method.

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