As part of our ongoing development initiatives, we are making investments to improve our reporting capabilities. We will be retiring 8 Ad Hoc reports to simplify the process of accessing information that exists in multiple reports, and to continually provide more up-to date information and maintenance in reports.

We know that you use these reports to access the information they provide. We understand that it will take some time to adapt to using different reports to access the data that you are looking for. These 8 reports are still available for download until March 2021. To have a smoother transition to the alternative reports outlined below, we recommend using the alternative report before this date.

Each of the 8 retiring Ad Hoc reports has an alternative report that can be found in the Accounting section of the Reports tab.

Retiring Ad Hoc Report

Alternative Report

Breakdown of revenues (invoice items and credit notes)

Breakdown of sales

Custom invoice item types

Breakdown of sales

Postdated payment status

Installment status

Rebates and extra fees not linked to a discount

Breakdown of sales

Receipts details

Breakdown of payments

Sales summary

Breakdown of sales and/or Sales summary Accounting report

Summary of awarded discounts

Summary of awarded discounts and fees Accounting report

Summary of discounts and fees

Summary of awarded discounts and fees Accounting report

Here are some details about the alternative reports:

  • Breakdown of sales: This report provides the details of all sales (including cancellations) made by your organization.

  • Installment status: This report lists installments that were successful, canceled and/or refused.

  • Breakdown of payments: This report lists all payments by payment type and by which administrator processed each payment. Additionally, all online payments are included in this report.

  • Sales summary: This report lists all sales in a summary view and in a detailed view. The detailed view groups sales by the type of offering they belong to (activities, memberships, merchandise, etc.).

  • Summary of awarded discounts and fees: This report list of all applied discounts and additional fees. Note: Cancelled discounts and and/or fees are not displayed in this report.

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