We are wrapping up 2020 with a spotlight on our Community Segments apps. The Community Segments apps help you ensure everyone in your community or client base has access to your offerings irrespective of location, age, income, etc. Segmenting your community is the first step to offering your clients discounts, scholarships, early and exclusive access to activities, and more.

In case you missed the App Spotlight this month, in this article, you can find the recording of the webinar as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions. We have added video timestamps to the list of topics we covered so you can jump to the part you are looking for:

  • Intro (0:00)

  • Creating social equity (2:58)

  • Three apps to segment your clients (4:46)

  • Bounded Segments (5:34)

  • Live Segments (7:50)

  • Community Segments (9:32)

  • How to leverage your community segments (11:40)

  • Tracking your segments (13:46)

  • Pricing & summary (15:20)

  • Live Q&A (17:15)

Webinar recording


Can I use more than one of the apps at the same time?

Yes – you can activate any or all of the apps based on your needs.

Can I disable the apps?

Yes. If you no longer need the apps, you can go into the app store and disable them. Keep in mind, by disabling, you’ll no longer have access to heatmaps, filtering by segment or address validation.

How will I be billed for these apps?

The charge will be included on your monthly invoice.

We have bounded segments but have found that it does not include one of our roads. How can we add just the road that is missing?

Since the Bounded Segments app works with Open Street Map, the boundaries are based on what is included in their database. A different segmentation app might be better if you need more control over your segment.

How do I know if our community segments are on?

When you go to the Community Segments tab, you’ll notice the number of addresses validated if your community segments apps are active as seen below.

Trying to figure out which app might be the best one for you?

This comparison table might be useful.

Still need help? Contact Support via chat!

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