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  • What is a subscription (3:25)

  • How to configure a subscription (3:54)

  • Linking subscriptions to activities (10:28)

  • Billing day and proration (11:25)

  • Use cases (14:00)

  • How to edit the billing date and/or price (15:44)

  • Pausing subscriptions (1 6:07)

  • Subscriptions and Discounts (16:45)

  • What to expect (18:21)

  • Cancelling a subscription (20:04)

  • FAQs (21:25)


  • What is an installment? (24:50)

  • How to configure an installment plan (25:18)

  • How to create a customized plan in a client’s account (31:44)

  • How to modify/delete postdated payment (34:19)

  • What clients can expect (38:26)

  • Reporting (39:05)

  • FAQs (40:55)

Major differences between subscriptions and Installments (43:00)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are purchased subscriptions applied to all members of an account?

Subscriptions can be purchased the same as memberships, activities, merchandise, etc. meaning, they individually assigned. They will not be automatically applied to everyone. You can batch purchase the subscription if you'd like but it will not automatically apply to all members linked to an account.

Is there a "Family" membership, that applies to all members of an account?

We do have Family Memberships but not family subscriptions.

Do subscriptions work for drop-in activities?

Subscriptions actually only work with Session based activities, not drop-ins.

If the client has a subscription and registers to come on Monday and then need to cancel for that day, can they do that themselves?

Clients can cancel their subscription themselves if you allow them to, but they cannot keep the subscription and cancel the activity that is linked to it. They will need to contact you (admin) for help.

Can subscriptions be set up, so clients are billed every 3 months instead of every month?

At this time, subscriptions are billed monthly only. If you need different options for billing, we recommend using installments.

If a subscription has a pro-rate amount, are only the fees for the subscription in that month adjusted?

Correct, only the first month is pro-rated, the following months will be charged in full.

This differs from installments with a prorate amount? The fees of the activity as a whole are adjusted, causing the future installments amounts to also be adjusted?

Pro-ration happens on the total of the item. The initial installment amount always stays the same (whatever is configured, pro-rated or not, the initial installment is always $75 for example) and the rest of the amount is taken and divided up with the remaining installments.

For example: Activity is $1000

Payment at checkout: $100

Future installments, 9 of $100 each.

So for example, if your client misses the first two occurrences, pro-rated, now activity costs $800

Payment at checkout remains: $100

Future installments, 9 of $77.78 each.

What is an e-check?

An e-check is an electronic check, same as a paper check but the payment can be taken straight out of their bank account. It’s the same as a pre-authorized debit.

We have done custom billing in some circumstances and clients are billed even when we cancel the activity. Why is this happening?

This can happen when you cancel the invoice but forget to cancel the upcoming payments, so the client continues to pay their installments. It’s important to keep an eye on the current and expected balance and upcoming payments, especially if you have set up custom billing.

With Subscriptions we set the sessions fees to $0?

Correct! Unless you want charge for the activity separately as well.

If we have a discount that requires a yes or no answer, would that perform better with subscriptions or installments?

Question-type discounts work with both subscriptions and installments. But in the case of subscriptions it will only discount the initial amount.

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