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Refunds can be made in multiple ways in Amilia. One common method is to refund directly from the invoice. In this article, we will look at how to use the “Record a refund” option in the Operations menu in the Client Billing subtab. This refund method allows you to refund multiple items at the same time. Additionally, this refund method removes the need to perform reconciliations by automatically reconciling refunds as/when they occur.

Administrators with the necessary permission can access a client's billing account via the Clients tab, searching and clicking on their name, and switching to the Client Billing subtab.

To Record a refund:

  • Click on the Operations menu in the Client Billing subtab.

When making the refund, the refund will automatically be reconciled after it is issued:

  • Select the account deposit(s) and/or credit memo(s) that you would like to refund.

  • Input the amount that is going to be refunded.

  • Select the payment type that the refund will be issued to.

  • Insert admin comments (Optional).

  • Choose to send a confirmation email to a client (Optional).

  • Click ‘Create refund record’.

  • Once the refund is completed, it will automatically reconcile the selected credit memo(s) and/or account deposit(s).

  • Note: Although a reconciliation occurs when issuing a refund, you can modify a reconciliation at a later time if you have the necessary permission.

(updated as of November 13, 2020)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if there is nothing to refund?

If there are no account deposits or payments to refund, you will not be able to record a refund.

What happens if I choose to refund an amount that is less than the totals of each item?

If multiple items are selected to be refunded and the amount being refunded is the less than the total amount that can be refunded, items will be refunded in order of oldest to newest. Additionally, if you would like to partially refund one credit memo or account deposit, it is recommended to partially refund items one at a time.

What happens if I try to refund more than the total amount?

Since a refund cannot exceed the total amount that can be refunded, you will only be able to record a refund that is lower or equal to the total eligible amount.

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