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Guide to Fall 2020 Releases

1. Sell facility access with multipass

You can now use multipasses to let clients use facilities with open access. This improvement works the same way a physical punch-card might work – every time a client scans their phone with their Amilia app at a kiosk, the system will remove a token. Keep in mind that this does not work for activities – only facilities such as gyms or swimming pools.

Step 01

Create your multipass in the Memberships tab

Step 02

Go to Access Management, choose to edit a control from your controls list OR create a new control.

Step 03

Add the open access multipass you created under Eligible multipasses. Click save.

2. Unstackable coupon codes

You now have the option to prevent clients from using several coupons in the same checkout. This is a great way to make sure you’re in control of your ROI on promotions.

This is the new default however you can still allow clients to use multiple coupon codes on the same cart. To set this up go to Discounts and fees > Discounts and check the box as shown below.

Pro-tip: You can also set up warnings for when discounts exceed a certain threshold that you can define.

3. Family memberships

Introducing Family Memberships. This is a type of group membership that you can offer to members linked to the same account.

To set up, go to the Memberships tab, click on ‘New membership’ and choose ‘Family membership’ from the dropdown. Once created, don’t forget to link the membership to activities the same way you would with any other membership.

4. New Merchant Account page*

*Available to only those who use AmiliaPayment or Paysafe.

You can now access transaction information directly from the new Merchant Account page. This makes reconciliation easier as you no longer need to access Netbanx or download the Netbanx fee report from the Reports tab. Everything linked to your transactions and fees is now in one place on this page.

This page is available under Accounting and finance > Merchant account and you have the option to filter the data by date and payment method as seen below. You can also download reports directly from this page.

5. Cancel a single occurrence

Have the flexibility to account for the unpredictable – be it a thunderstorm, urgent maintenance work or a lockdown. You can now cancel one or more occurrences in your sessions. Here’s how:

Step 01

Go to Activities > Registration and select ‘Cancel activity occurrence’ from the Operations dropdown.

Step 02

Decide if you want to issue credit, send an email notification, or return a pass (if a multipass was used). Preview cancellation and save.

Alternately, cancel directly from your Facilities > Calendar by simply clicking on the occurrence and choosing ‘cancel the occurrence’.

When you issue a custom rebate to your clients manually, it will now be linked to an invoice to make tracking easy. (Before we made this improvement, any credits issued would be applied to the account and not the linked invoice.)

As we see here, the admin issued a manual rebate of $15.75 on an online purchase of $415.75.

If you want to issue a credit, the system will auto-calculate the amount of credit to be issued by taking into account previous rebates linked to that invoice, so you always credit the right amount.

So in this case, the system will take into account the rebate of $15.75 so when you issue a credit because of a cancellation, it will auto-calculate $400 which you will see in the credit memo amount section.

7. New App – Wait Lists

The Wait Lists app helps you better manage demand for sold out activities and to give a fair chance to clients on wait lists to register in case a spot opens up. With this app you can:

  • Let clients add their names to wait lists for activities that are full

  • Send clients email alerts when a spot opens up

  • Give clients a certain amount of time to claim a spot when it opens up in the order in which their names appear on the list

  • Prevent people who are not on the list from claiming an open spot

8. New App – Wish Lists

The Wish Lists app allows your clients to bookmark their favorite activities and pick up right where they left off as soon as registration windows open. With this app you can:

  • Run targeted promotions

  • Gauge which of your activities is in demand, which isn’t and add, remove or combine classes accordingly

9. New App – Live Segments

The Live Segments app is similar to Bounded Segments in that it determines whether a person is a resident or non-resident is based on a drawn boundary on a map.

  • It is “live” because the app is integrated with ArcGIS – a system many cities use to outline boundaries of a city or town, and to re-draw lines if/when things change (for instance, a new postal code is added to the boundary)

  • Amilia will do an automatic daily checks to see if any changes have been made to the segment – updated in real-time and 100% accurate

  • No manual updates needed

Activation checklist


Do Wait Lists work for drop-in activities?

No, they only work for session-based activities.

Will our clients be able to see if an activity is full without having to click details on the wished for item in their Wish List?

Yes - the system will indicate that the activity is 'full'. If the activity has a Wait List, they can add their name to the Wait List by clicking on the activity.

For people on a Wait List, when will emails stop being sent?

The emails stop when everyone on the Wait List has had a chance to register – we open the spot in your store afterwards, if it is unclaimed. If you do not have registration period end date, the Wait List will continue running even after the activity started.

When will I be able to see the changes and new apps in my back office?

Most of the new releases are live and already available. If you'd like early access to them, please contact Support through chat or at

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