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  • Kickoff (0:00)

  • Activating the Private Lessons app (1:20)

  • Setting up staff availabilities (1:56)

  • Setting up facility availabilities (3:05)

  • Assigning staff & facility to a private lesson (3:20)

  • Parent vs child facilities (3:56)

  • Private lessons store view (5:48)

  • Setting up a private lesson in Amilia (6:15)

  • What this looks like in your online store (9:05)

  • Keeping staff & clients notified (10:05)

  • FAQ (10:46)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent double-bookings?

The best way to prevent double-bookings is to correctly set up your staff and facility availabilities. If you assign staff and facility every time you set up an activity, the system will automatically know when staff members and facilities have openings. When you try to create a private lesson, the system will only show you the resources that are available during that time slot. This information auto-updates in the event of cancellations and staff inputting their own availabilities through the Amilia app so you can rest assured that the schedules are always up-to-date.

How can I discount my private lessons?

Discounts cannot be applied to private lessons. However, you can configure multipasses and make them eligible for private lessons. You can then discount the multipass to offer a discount on the linked private lesson.

Can I block off days for holidays?

Yes, you can do so by going to the Account tab > Calendar subtab. Click on the ‘Operations’ menu, select ‘New’ and add your holiday. No one will be able to book a private lesson with your organization on that day.

My availabilities aren't appearing as I intended them to? What did I do wrong? ​

Unfortunately, this can happen from time to time and there may be a number of reasons that lead to availabilities not showing up as intended. We have prepared a troubleshooting checklist that you can use to ensure everything is set up properly.

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