This August we are shining a light on Private Lessons as part of our App Spotlight series! The Private Lessons app automatically takes into account your facility hours, activity schedule, and staff availability in order to build a ready-to-book calendar that your clients can access any time to self-book their lesson online.

In case you missed the App Spotlight this month, in this article, you can find the video recording of the webinar as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions. We have added video timestamps to the list of topics covered in the webinar so you can jump to the part you are looking for:

  • Kickoff (1:40)

  • 5 scheduling nightmares we've heard from our customers (2:23)

  • How does the private lessons feature help (5:07)

  • 4 reasons to love private lessons (6:48)

  • App demo (8:40)

  • FAQ (12:48)

  • Live Q&A (15:12)

Webinar Recording

Private Lessons: FAQs

How much does the app cost?

The Private Lessons app is completely free to use – there are no base or additional charges involved. ​

How can I activate the app?

All you need to do to activate the app is go to the App Store which you can find in your left-hand navigation menu, click on the private lessons app and choose to ‘Activate’.

How can I access support and/or resources?

Our customer support is always available via email at, or in-platform chat. We also have a pretty exhaustive knowledge base full of articles on the various features and how to set them up which you can access anytime.

How does the multi-pass system work? How would we set that up and can we adjust price based on how many private lessons you buy?

The multi-pass system was originally created for drop-in activities, but we’ve also made it available for private lessons. You can set up a multi-pass pack – you must define how many lessons the pack will give clients access to, and the price. You can set up different types of packs like this. For example, clients can buy 5 lessons for $50, 10 lessons for $90 and so on.

How do you charge differing facility fees based on the size of the facility? For example, smaller room equals cheaper private lesson.

It’s the same as having multiple private lessons of differing lengths… So, for example, you could have one private lesson for 30 minutes at $30 and the only facility you would attach to it is the smaller one but you could offer another private lesson for 30 minutes at $50 and the only facility you would attach to it is the bigger one.

Could we use this feature to allow parents to book a meeting with a coach?

You can definitely use it to let parents book a meeting with a coach – the only difference is that the price would be zero.

Is there an option to do semi-private lessons?

The private lessons feature was developed with one participant in mind for each time slot. But we have seen some organizations ask participants if they will be bringing a friend along and if yes, to share the name of the friend. That’s how they manage semi-private lessons while still using this feature.

Is there a way to charge more if the client brings another person?

Because private lessons are built for the one participant, there is one price per lesson. But a way to set it up could be that you set up one private lesson for, say, $40 and then another semi-private lesson (which you would set up as explained in the question above), and you could charge $60 for that since the client will be bringing another person.

I already sell private lessons using drop-ins – why would I switch?

There is no obligation for you to switch to this feature. However, this feature was creating to eliminate the admin work involved in setting up a private lesson – trying to track when coaches and facilities become available and manually updating the calendar can be time consuming and you might make an error. The private lessons app automates all of this for you, so it saves you time and is error free. Plus, your clients can buy a private lesson online whenever things are available.

Will there be more than one session of next week’s Customer Support Private Lessons webinar?

No, there is only one session on August 27. However, we always record our webinars and they are published in our Knowledge Base (search for ‘webinar’ or ‘roundup’ and you will see the list). If you are unable to attend, you can search the Knowledge Base in the days following the webinar and you will find the recording. 😊

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