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  • Introduction and objectives (0:10)

  • Customizing your online store (2:20)

  • Creating tags and assigning tags to activities (5:43)

  • Setting up registration periods (7:12)

  • Adding restrictions to activities (8:04)

  • Activity status & secret registration links (9:15)

  • Managing waitlists (10:56)

  • Linking memberships, subscriptions, merchandise to activities (13:34)

  • Starting new seasons – duplicating programs (15:20)

  • Live Q&A (17:31)

Webinar Recording

Questions from the live Q&A

Waitlists can only be used for session based activities. If you try to link a waitlist to a drop-in, it will not work.

Yes, you can link a subscription, membership and merchandise to the same activity.

How is the cart reservation time calculated?

You can choose the time when you set up your checkout options. It can be anywhere between 1 and 99 minutes.

Can we receive an email notification when a payment is successful?

No, email notifications are only sent for failed payments and checkouts.

Can you get confirmation emails sent to an address that isn’t linked to an Amilia account?

Yes, as long as it’s a valid email address.

How is it possible that the number of registrations is greater than the number of spots available?

Administrators can bypass restrictions including when an activity is full. Even if the activity has only 10 spots, administrators can register additional ones. So, in some cases, you might have 10 spots but 12 registrations.

My activity status is set to normal, but I still can’t see it in my client view…

To be able to see an activity in the client view, you need to ensure that your activity status is set to normal AND your program is visible to clients.

I want my clients to be able to see all my activities and browse my store, but I don’t want them to register right now. How can I do that?

You can do this by making all your activities visible to clients but set up registration periods for a time in the future. This way, clients will be able to browse your store to know what’s coming up and also see when registrations will open for them to come back and sign up.

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