We launched our App Spotlight series this month and the first app in the spotlight was Activity Messenger. Activity Messenger helps organizations find efficient and personal ways to engage their clients by building, streamlining, and automating list building and client communications.

In this article, you can find the video recording of the webinar as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions. We have added video timestamps to the list of topics covered in the webinar so you can jump to the part you are looking for:

  • Kickoff (0:00)

  • Why is texting/SMS important? (6:04)

  • How can organizations take advantage of this channel of communication? (7:51)

  • About Activity Messenger (9:42)

  • Demo (10:25)

  • FAQ (21:50)

  • Live Q&A (25:30)

Webinar Recording

Activity Messenger: FAQs

1. How much does the app cost and what is included in the price? ​

The app costs $ 25 USD / month and includes 400 text messages and 40,000 emails as well as access to present and upcoming app functionalities.

2. Is the subscription annual or on a month to month basis?

It is on a month-to-month basis. If you want to stop using it for any reason, you can go into the Amilia app store and pause the subscription by deactivating the Activity Messenger app. You won’t be able to send emails/SMS when you deactivate it but you will have access to your data.

3. Will the balance of unused SMS or emails expire at the end of every month?

No, they will be carried over to the following month. For example, if you only used 300 SMS in the month of August, the 100 unused ones will be carried over to September (so you will have 500 SMS in September).

4. What if I want more SMS or emails per month? ​

If you run out, you can buy more SMS / email bundles by selecting the quantity you need.

5. Can Activity Messenger help me send waivers to my clients? ​

Yes, you can send waivers via SMS and/or email that your clients can sign electronically. You can also automate this process. (E.g. send a waiver before each lesson.) Activity Messenger also generates shareable links for these waivers that you can post on your website or social media.

6. Can we schedule SMS waivers in advance?

Yes, you can do so through the automation tab in Activity Messenger.

7. Can I configure waivers to be sent as soon as someone registers?

Not at the moment but it’s definitely something that we can work on – stay tuned! But as a temporary workaround, what you can do is copy the shareable waiver link in the registration confirmation email that Amilia sends clients.

8. Are the waivers accessible in Amilia or Activity Messenger?

Everything is stored in Activity Messenger.

9. Does Activity Messenger help with virtual classes? How? ​

Activity Messenger is integrated with Amilia and Zoom at the same time. It is possible to import an activity and schedule the Zoom meeting. You can send the invite via SMS or email.

By default, the system will create individual links for every class. So if a session have 10 classes, you’ll have ten links which parents will receive one at a time by SMS or email at a time that you specify prior to each class.

11. How does the zoom and Amilia integration work?

Watch this video to see how it works!

12. Is the Zoom license included in the service?

No, you will need to create a Zoom account. If you already have one then you can link it to Activity Messenger.

13. Once a parent responds to a message, can we send another response?

Yes. You can configure the system to send an auto-response.

14. Do the sent SMS/email records show up in the client account in Amilia?

Not at present though it is on our roadmap. For now, you can only see it in Activity Messenger.

15. Can I build audience lists using past classes?

Yes, you can access classes and programs from the past and create lists of the people who attended.

16. Can we import/export lists from Activity Messenger?

Everything that is imported can be exported in a CSV file format.

17. Can I target people who have cancelled sessions or classes?

Not yet but it is on our roadmap and should be available in the coming weeks.

18. Do clients have the option to opt out of these SMS/emails communications?

Yes, to unsubscribe from SMS communications, they have to reply to the SMS received with a “STOP”. For emails, they can click the ‘unsubscribe’ button in the footer.

19. What happens if the phone number on the account is not a cell phone?

The system will try once but if it fails, the number will be moved to the unsubscribe list. You will not be charged for these attempts and the system will not try to contact these numbers again. This works for phone numbers and fake/faulty emails.

20. How can I access documentation and support? ​

Go to Activity Messenger website and click on the Help page. This page contains all the documentation in English and French as well as training videos as well as an option to contact support.

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