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  • How to cancel an invoice & issue a refund (3:07)

  • Current vs expected balance (4:37)

  • Refunding without cancelling the invoice (5:26)

  • What is reconciliation (7:27)

  • Adding an administrative fee (8:16)

  • How to issue a refund when client has paid through an installment plan (10:09)

  • How to issue a refund when original purchase was replaced by a different activity (11:54)

  • The reconcile account feature (14:20)

  • Online vs offline refunds (14:52)

  • How to differentiate between online & offline refunds (17:30)

  • Payment action center – what happens if my refund fails? (17:45)

  • Payment action center – expiring credit cards with planned payments (19:12)

  • Cancellation policies – how to configure (20:46)

  • Cancellation policy in action (22:40)

  • Mass cancellations – how to mass cancel activities (23:20)

  • Facility closures – how to close a facility (or several facilities) (25:05)

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Refunds: FAQs

Can you issue a refund to the client on a different card?

No, we work like any other store (at least in Quebec). If you purchase a pair of jeans with one credit card, you cannot go back to the store and ask for a refund on a different card. What you can do is an offline refund if need be, check, cash, etc. or you can credit the client’s account and they can use the credit for a future purchase. Find out more about managing client billing here.

I issued a refund to an expired credit card, what happens now?

As long as the client updates their card and gets a new expiration with the same bank, the refund will go through. Note that the new Payment Action Center helps you keep track of failed transactions and expiring credit cards so you can prevent situations like this from arising! Find out everything you need to know about the Payment Action Center here.

How long does it take to process a refund?

3-5 business days. You might experience minor delays if there is a weekend or public holiday coming up.

I refunded someone; how come they are still on the attendance list?

It’s possible to issue a refund without removing the participant from the activity. To unregister someone, you must cancel their invoice. Learn how to do this here.

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