Installments can now be edited (by administrators only) as needed without having to re-enter a client's credit card details. 

Administrators may need to increase installments if there is an additional invoice or decrease the installments if there is a credit in the account.   

NOTE: You can only edit installments in one client account at a time. You cannot mass edit installments for multiple client accounts simultaneously.

How to Edit Existing Installments 

Via the client's account, click on the Client Billing subtab. 

  • Click on the orange 'View Post-Dated Payments' button to view future programmed payments (i.e. installments).  

  • Add a check mark to one or more payments. The changes you make will apply to every one that is checked.  Click on the Update info button and select which information you wish to update.   

  • Credit card: Update the card number and/or the expiration date. You will need the credit card details in order to make this change. You can also erase the credit card details in the event it is being replaced with an E-check.  

  •  E-check: Update the banking information. You can also erase the E-check details in the event it is being replaced with a credit card. 

  • Amount: Use this option to change the amount to be processed on the planned payment. 

  • Date: Enter the new date the planned payment will be processed.  

  • Save.  

In the event you have changed installments amounts, check the client's balance. If it is incorrect, apply the appropriate operation.

  • If the balance now shows that the customer owes you money but they shouldn't, issue them a credit via Operations>Create Credit

  • If the balance now shows that you owe your customer money but you shouldn't, issue an invoice via Operations>Create Invoice.

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