Amilia will automatically reconcile payments with invoice items under certain conditions. When these conditions are not met, it is up to the administrator to ensure that each payment is reconciled to the appropriate invoice item.

An administrator with the appropriate permission can prompt Amilia to auto-reconcile one or all accounts within the Clients tab via the Operations menu.

If transactions in a client's account are not fully reconciled, it's best to investigate the reason and reconcile manually. 

How the Account Reconciliation Tool Works

The Account Reconciliation tool links non-reconciled payments to non-reconciled invoice items on an oldest to newest basis.

If an invoice and payment are created on the same day, the tool will not necessarily reconcile them together. If prior outstanding non-reconciled invoice items exist, it will reconcile the payment with the oldest non-reconciled invoice items first.

Errors are uncommon however it's possible a few payments and invoice items will not be reconciled. This could be the case if a credit exists in an account which has not been applied to an invoice, or an outstanding balance remains in the client account.

Auto-Reconcile via Operations

You can auto-reconcile all client accounts or a specific client's transactions in the Clients tab.

All accounts

Reconcile all client payments and invoice items via Clients > Accounts

  • Use the tool on the bottom right of the page to display from 10 to 100 client accounts in a single page.

  • Check the box Account Owner to select all accounts on the page.

  • In the Operations menu, choose Reconcile all accounts.

  • Repeat for each page of client accounts.

A specific account

Auto-reconcile a specific client's transactions by accessing their account.

Via the Clients tab, search for the account owner and click on their name. Toggle to the Client Billing subtab and select Operations > Reconcile account.

NOTE: A few transactions may still show incomplete or missing reconciliations in accounts where a balance is owing or credits were awarded.

If you prefer having full control and want to reconcile each item manually, then click here to learn more about manual reconciliation! You'll also learn how to manually remove a reconciliation.

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