Amilia will automatically reconcile payments with invoice items under certain conditions. When these conditions are not met, it is up to the administrator to ensure that each payment is reconciled to the appropriate invoice item.

An administrator with the appropriate permission can manually reconcile each payment and invoice item for a specific account by accessing the client's account and clicking on the Client Billing tab.

Reconcile per invoice item 

  • Access the transaction that needs to be reconciled by clicking on the +.

  • In this example, we will reconcile using the payment.

  • Click on Reconciliations and select the proper invoice to reconcile.

  • If the invoice has multiple items, choose how to distribute the payment between items.

  • In this example, the total payment was applied to one item. This means that one item remains to be reconciled with a payment.

  • The payment is reconciled in full but the invoice is not paid in full (unreconciled amount).

  • Once the balance is paid, you can reconcile it to the unreconciled invoice item.

  • The transactions in this account are now fully reconciled!

Remove a reconciliation

To remove specific reconciliations, follow this procedure: 

  • To remove a reconciliation on an item, access the transaction by clicking +.

  • Click on Reconciliations and click on the ▼ icon.

  • Click on the trash icon.

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