If you want to export information lists related to your participants, you can use two modules, as needed:


You can extract information by Account or Person.

Use the drop-down menu under Add a Filter to refine your search. It is possible to apply multiple filters at a time. 

Once your client list has been filtered, check the Account Owner box for Accounts, or Name for Persons, or manually check the accounts one at a time, as needed.

Open the Operations menu, then select Export.

Click on Select All for the entire list, then Export to see the report.

You will now receive an Excel file which you can modify and save.

You can also use the other reports available here, for more specific needs.


You must be under Activities > Registration.

Select the desired Program from the drop-down menu.

Check Select all activities on this page or manually check the activity or activities you want.

Open the Operations menu.

You will see a list of the reports you can export. Here are the 2 most useful and frequently used reports:


Generating an attendance list:

This allows you to add the desired columns according to the information you need, including items from the Store and additional questions.

Generates check boxes to take attendance.

Is generated by activity so you can separate the attendance sheets.

List of participants/activities:

Allows you to add the desired columns.

Gives you a clear picture of the registered participants, as well as the Category, Sub-category and Activity name.

You may also use all the other reports in this section, for more specific needs.

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