If you would like to be able to take attendance online of your participants, view back on previous class dates and export this information, you can do so through the Attendance List tab (whether participants are registered for the whole session or for a single drop-in class).

  1. Go to Activities > Registration.

  2. Click on an activity name to view a list of registered participants.

  3. Select the Attendance List tab.

Note: It is possible to export the virtual attendance list into an Excel spreadsheet by clicking on the Operations menu and choosing Attendance list generation. Here you can also add additional information you would like to see, such as extra questions, address information etc. All information entered in the virtual attendance list is also visible when attendance lists are generated through the Activities > Registrations tab, simply by clicking the activity. 

Attendance lists for activities sold both as sessions and as drop-ins will include both types of registrations, even in the Excel spreadsheet.

NOTE: When generating your attendance list in Excel, you can 'Indicate new clients'. This means you can identify clients' whose first purchase with your organization is the class they are attending. 

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