Ever wonder how many visitors are accessing your Amilia Store? Where are they coming from and what did they look at while they were there? Analytics help you measure, report and analyze the user traffic in your Amilia Store. 

Amilia lets you track users by allowing you to integrate third-party analytics (Google Analytics) and advertising platforms (Google Ads and Facebook Business Manager) in your Amilia Store.

Via the Store>Web Marketing tab, you can:

  • Add your Google Analytics Tracking ID to track your Store's activity;

  • Integrate your Google Ads to track the performance of your search campaigns;

  • Track and retarget customers who access your Amilia Store; and

  • Track conversions (ex: sales) made through your Google Ads and/or Facebook campaigns.

To benefit from Google Analytics and Google Ads integration, you must have a Gmail account and activate a Google Analytics and/or a Google Ads campaign. For best results, we suggest integrating your Amilia store into your organization's website via Store>Store Embedding.

Google Analytics Integration

Once your Google Analytics account has been created, you will be provided with a tracking code. Paste the code into the Tracking ID field under Store>Web Marketing:

The tracking code will engage anytime a web user (who has Javascript enabled) visits your Amilia Store. Access to this data is limited to those who have login access to the Google Analytics account.

Here are some examples of statistics you can gather with the help of a Google Analytics account:

  • Active users on your Store page;

  • Bounce rate (visitors who leave your Store after viewing only one page);

  • Average session duration;

  • Location (country and city);

  • Language;

  • Browser used; and

  • Type and number of conversions.

Google Ads Integration

Google Ads helps drive potential customers to your website by allowing you to purchase keywords that result in your business ad appearing when a user types your keywords (or related words) in the Google search field.

To integrate Google Ads into your Amilia Store and track visitors and sales that were made as a result of clicking on your ads, find the remarketing tag code and copy the variable google_conversion_id and the variable google_conversion_label.

Click here to learn how to find your Conversion ID and Label in your Google Ads account.


Facebook Integration 

If you're using a Facebook campaign to market your business, why not link it to your Amilia Store? A Facebook pixel code allows you to track conversions (ie: sales) from Facebook ads as well as collect data on users who've landed on your Store page. The Facebook pixel also allows you to retarget ads to your visitors on Facebook or Instagram.

Simply paste your Facebook pixel code Id in the following field:

Purchase Conversion 

Amilia can send invoice data to your Google Ads and/or Facebook campaigns. This means that conversions made as a direct result of clicking on your Google or Facebook ads will trigger Amilia to send invoice totals to your Analytics account. This is a great way to know how much you are making from an ad versus how much you are spending.

NOTE:  Keep in mind that no other invoice data is provided other than purchase totals.

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