Find out if your facility has conflicting reservations!

When you make a facility reservation, either via the Facilities module or by creating a contract under the Contracts tab, it is not always possible to know at a glance whether a reservation is in conflict with another scheduled reservation. A conflict recognition system has therefore been set up for you in the Facilities>Calendar subtab.

When making a reservation for a facility, you will always see these 3 sub-tabs:

  • Schedule

  • Information

  • Conflicts


Enter the Recurrence (if applicable) & the start and the end date/ time of the reservation.

If this schedule conflicts with an existing reservation, the system will indicate it at the bottom of the window in an orange rectangle. A red triangle will also be visible in the Conflicts sub-tab.


Enter the type of reservation (Event Type), the name of the reservation and, if desired, a short description.


View details of conflicting reservations (if applicable).

What should I do in the event of a conflict?

You can easily save your reservation despite conflicts. Simply click on Save.

• You can make a schedule change in the current reservation ( in the Schedule sub-tab) and then click Save without conflicts.

• You can also make a change to the existing reservation by following the link to the existing reservation(s) on the Conflicts subtab.

Once the changes have been made, you can resume the reservation without conflicts.

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