How do failed payment notifications work? 

A notification is sent out once a payment has been unsuccessfully processed. Your administrator(s) are sent an email when:

  • A planned payment (credit card and/or eCheck) has failed.

  • eCheck payment made during checkout has failed.

Notifications are sent out the same day if a planned credit card payment fails.
It can take up to 10 business days for an eCheck to be processed or refused so failed eCheck notifications can take longer.  

You can access information on the status of your postdated payments in the Reports tab by downloading the Installments Status report.  


Go to Account > Administrators > Manage permission groups as seen below.

This opens up the permission groups page. Click on the pencil icon to edit the permission groups that require access to failed payment notifications.

From the list of permissions under the Clients section, check the 'Failed Payments' box as seen below. Everyone in the permission group will have access to the Payment Action Center as well as failed payment notifications.

What to Expect

Here are examples of the email your administrator(s) can expect to receive. The account owner is also sent a notification informing them to contact your organization. 

  • For planned credit card payments

  • For any eCheck payments

👉 For more detailed information on a failed payment, check your Netbanx or payment processor account.

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