If you have team members that are solely in charge of registering participants, you can give them special access as Registration Clerks. This will give them access to subscribe a participant, enter payment information, generate financial reports, send emails to clients, and view registration information for an activity, without giving them advanced administrator access.
This is a quick guide in order to train your Registration Clerks and help them manage registrations on their own.

Gaining access to the platform

  • Ask your administrator for access.

  • You should receive an email with your login credentials - activate your account by clicking on the activation link.

  • Choose your password.

Registering a client

  • Click on the Clients tab.

  • Under Accounts, use the Search box to locate the proper account owner, then click on their name to enter their file.
    If you are about to register a new client, you must first create a new client account

  • You will now fill out the necessary registration forms, starting with the account owner's billing information.

  • Once the transaction is completed, a confirmation email will be sent to the client.

With the exception of all admin-only options (such as removing service fees or accepting additional methods of payment, for instance), this purchasing process is nearly identical to what your clients are seeing, from the moment you are inside the store. This way, it should be a cinch for you to guide them through a purchase!

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