When you create Amilia accounts for your clients, they must validate the account in order to choose a password so they can log in and start registering online. That means your clients must respond to the activation request you send to their email address.

👉 IMPORTANT: If you imported clients into Amilia during your onboarding, you must still send your client activation requests; once you go live. They are not sent unless prompted by you or your Amilia Customer Success Manager.

Automatic activation request

If you include an email when you create a client account, the client will automatically receive the activation request at that address once the account is created.

Manual activation request

If you need to resend an activation email to your client, go to the client's account, under Account Members. Click on View Username(s)>Send activation request.

Mass activation request

It is possible to send out several activation requests at once to your clients.

  • Go to Clients>Accounts.

  • Using the Operations drop-down menu, choose Send activation requests.

  • Fill in the date for which you'd like to send the request. This will send the request to any account created after the set date.

  • Click Submit to send activate requests out.

Add or edit the client's email

In order to activate the account, the client's valid email address will need to be input in the account. This can be done while you create the account, or afterward.

If you created an account without adding an email, or if you need to modify the email you have input, follow these instructions:

  • Go to Clients tab.

  • Click on the client's name and go to the Account Members subtab.

  • Select the Default Adult Form (or any form that asks for the client's email) from the Forms drop-down menu.

  • Under the Personal Info section, you can add or edit the client's email.

  • Don't forget to Save your changes.

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