There are a few options you can choose from when making your Club Waiver visible in Amilia. 

  • Use the User Agreement Extra Question on your Adult and/or Child Registration form (Suggested)

  • Add your waiver to the Legal Conditions on your Store's frontpage

  • Upload a signed paper copy of your waiver into your client's file

  • Display your waiver as an Important Message in your Program


Your Registration Forms (Suggested) 

We've created a convenient way to ensure your customers are seeing your organization's Terms and Conditions. This is done via Account>Forms>Extra Questions.

Learn more about Including your User Agreement in your Forms.

Client's file by Uploading a signed copy 

You can have your client sign the paper copy of your waiver on your premises and then upload the signed copy into their Amilia client file.

Via the Account>Forms>Extra Questions tab, create a new question and toggle the Answer Type to Upload File. Be sure to attach this Extra Question to the Registration Forms that require it!

Answer Type: Select Upload File ( If you don't see that option, let us know! )

Validation field: Toggle to Visible. This means your clients can still proceed to checkout if they don't have the waiver to upload. The club admin will most likely be uploading the waiver in the backoffice.

Label Position: Your Label is the text you enter in the applicable fields. Keep this at 'Top'.

When your clients come to the club, have them sign the waiver and then upload it into their client file via Clients>Select client file>Account Members>Toggle Forms to: ALL>Scroll down to Extra Questions. To upload the file, be sure to click on 'Choose a file'

The 'Legal Conditions' on your Store's Frontpage

You will access your Legal Conditions box via the Account>Legal tab.

In order for your clients to read the Legal Conditions, they will need to click on 'Legal Conditions'

which will display your Waiver in this box (Hopefully your own will have more to say!)

In addition, before your clients are able to checkout, they have to check a box confirming they have read your Terms and Conditions ( It's up to them to click on the Legal Conditions tab to read those instructions).

 An 'Important Message' in your Program 

If you'd like your waiver to be the first thing members see before they select their activities, you can input the verbiage of your waiver in the IMPORTANT MESSAGE box in your Program configuration.

Your clients won't be able to sign this waiver but if they've registered to an activity within your Program then they won't be able to miss it!

This can be achieved via Activities>Programs. Edit your Program, scroll to the bottom and enter the wording in the Important Information box. Save your changes!

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