Ready, set...not so fast! It's important to review your settings before you invite your clients to register online through your Amilia store. 


Be sure to check the 'Billing' tab to review your Amilia fees, as well as merchant account rates (when applicable). If your merchant account information does not appear on this page, you will not be able to process payments online. Learn more here. 


Go to the Payments tab to configure your payment options. This is where you decide which payment methods you will accept from your clients, as well as configuring taxes.


Double check you have set up your forms to capture all the information you need as your clients are checking out. Click here to learn more about forms!


Look at each program's settings to make sure they are configured correctly. Make sure your programs are visible to clients, that the correct forms are linked to each program and the start and end time for registrations are accurate. For a quick refresher on setting up your programs, click here.


Make sure all your activity settings are set up according to your organization's needs. Learn more about activity creation here.

Check the description, schedule, taxes, payments, restrictions.

Tip: Use the "Information on the activities of the program" report to review this information quickly and identify things to modify. This report is available under Finance > Reports, towards the top of the screen. 


Make sure the start and end dates (or the duration) of the memberships are correct (where applicable).

If you want to make memberships required in order to register for an activity, learn how here.


Check and test promotions carefully. Look at the threshold you have set on the Promotions tab. Perform partial test registrations.

 Tip: We recommend doing partial registrations in administrator mode and client mode to test out how your promotions are behaving. Testing is the best way to see and know that all discounts are applied correctly! To complete a partial registration, go to the store, add items to your cart, and click Checkout. You can view the Order page, Information page, and even Payment screen. As long as no payment is entered, no registration takes place.

-Store Embedding

Take advantage of an Amilia , or direct your clients to your online store using our pre-made buttons! More information on how to link your customers to Amilia here!

Lastly, be sure the taxes and payment methods on each item configured correctly.

Now you're ready to go! Time to enjoy the convenience of online registrations with Amilia!

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