Most of the information provided in the Account>Main information subtab appears on the front page of your online Amilia store.

Main information

  • Name: This will be displayed as your official organization's name in your Amilia store, the Amilia directory and all invoices, receipts and statements generated.

  • Main Language: The default language of your store. Unless a client has specified a preferred language, automatic communications from your organization will be sent in your main language.

  • Bilingual: By checking this box, you can display your store tabs and custom Extra Questions (from your registration forms) in both English and French!

  • Description: There are two types of description: the first one (short description) improves search engine optimization and increases online visibility for your organization and the second one (long description) will be listed in your e-store.

  • Tags: Keyword tags should represent the main activities offered by your organization. They will be associated with your organization on the Amilia Directory and linked to search results. Keywords cannot exceed 50 characters and the text box is limited to a total of 4000 characters total.

Mailing address

This address will be displayed in your Amilia store and all communications with clients, including invoices/receipts. If your mailing address is different from your physical location, make sure to fill out the Location section, so that the mailing address appears on all your communications and the address in Location will appear in your Amilia store.


You can enter your website URL and your social media URL to make sure you are easily found by your customer. Note that all of this information will be available on your organization's store page.

Other information 

This section allows you to enter your Enterprise number and your sales taxes number. If you have a permit, enter the name and number. This is necessary to file RL-24 tax receipts.  

Amilia allows you to download your logo and let it shine on your store. Read this article to make sure you respect the maximum size allowed.

Don't forget to save! Work your way through the Account tab to define some of your organization's core management options.

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