September is one of the biggest registration periods for many organizations. Your participants will browse through your Amilia store to purchase their activities, merchandise, and/or their memberships. They expect only one thing: that everything runs smoothly. To do this, we suggest a few steps to follow to avoid any confusion during the registration period.

How to limit errors?

Whether you are new to Amilia or an expert, there are always errors that can slip through in your set up stage. To minimize these small irregularities during your registration period, we offer a list of things to check before the on-line registration of your clients.

Once your forms, programs, activities, memberships and merchandise are in place, it's not over. It’s time to review!

To get started, we recommend that you look at the options, billing, and payment sub-tabs found on the account tab.

  1. Why, the options tab? You have two choices of hyperlinks that will guide your customers to your Amilia store from your site. One of the hyperlinks redirects to the login page while the second redirects the client directly to the online store. We advise you to use the link to the online store, as this reduces the steps your customers take when they wish to register.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to consult our article: How do I link Amilia to my site.

  1. The Billing tab allows you to ensure that Amilia's charges, as well as your commercial account rates (if applicable) are the correct ones. If your business account information is not displayed on this page, you will not be able to accept payments online.

To find out more you can always consult our article: Merchant account & Processing Fees.

  1. The Payment tab allows you to configure your payment options. It is from this tab that you will determine the payment methods offered to your customers either online payment by credit card or electronic check.

Next, it is important to review your schedule settings on the Activity tab to make sure everything is set up correctly.

Here are some items to check:

  1. Ensure that your programs are visible to your clients;

  2. Ensure that these are the correct forms related to the programs;

  3. Ensure that the start and end times of the registrations are correct.

We also encourage you to check the settings of your activities, make sure that they are configured according to your needs.

Here are some suggested settings to check:

Pro Tip: It is also possible to export the report: Information about the program activities under the finance tab. This report gives you a glimpse of how you have configured your business, without having to go see each activity.

Additionally, we invite you to check your memberships if this applies to your organization. Check that the start and end dates (or duration) are correct. As well, it is possible to make a membership mandatory for the registration of an activity, see how by consulting our article: How to make an affiliation obligatory to the purchase of an activity.

Last but not least, check and test your promotions carefully. Make sure the setting you’ve created on the promotions tab is correct.

Pro Tips: We suggest you make partial registrations in the administrator and client mode, to check if your promotions work properly. A test is the best way to confirm whether your discounts apply as desired and avoid errors during your enrollment period.

How to make a partial registration? We have the answer for you. It's simple, you'll see! First, go to your store and add items to your shopping cart, then click “Checkout”. From this page, you will be able to see your forms, invoice and payment page. Note that if you do not enter payment information no purchase will be confirmed.

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