Last month we released an article to help you in preparation for your registration period. Now that your registration period has gone smoothly and your clients are registered to your activities, there may be some errors to fix or changes to apply. Don’t worry! The following article will demonstrate how to correct these errors in just a few clicks, as well as some good practices to adopt when using Amilia. 

If your registration has not yet taken place, you can always consult the following article: Be ready and confident for your registration!

First, we will list some common scenarios that require changes following an enrollment period. Each situation will be followed by a solution so that you can remedy it as quickly as possible.

  1. A customer was mistaken in the choice of his activities at the time of registration

When a situation like this occurs, it is possible to apply a replacement in the customer’s account. Replacement involves switching the activity that the customer was registered in for another activity. If the cost of the new activity is higher, the customer must pay the difference. If it is lower, the excess amount can be credited to the account or refunded. For more information on how to use the replacement feature, please refer to this article: How to replace an activity

2. A customer wishes to cancel his registration and be refunded

If your customer meets your cancellation and refund conditions, you can cancel his/her registration and refund any payments that were made. If the customer paid online via credit card, the amount can be refunded directly onto the card used. It is also possible to add a cancellation fee according to your policy.

To see the steps to follow, refer to the following article: Cancelling a purchase and issuing a refund

3. A customer wants personalized installment payments 

One of your customers may want to make installment payments that don’t follow your set installment plans. As an administrator, you can create custom installments options for your customer from the drop-down menu in the client’s account (Operation > make a payment > Installments).

Luckily, it’s possible that you have no errors to fix post-registration. Here are some tips and best practices to keep in mind following a registration period.

  1. How to manage your waiting list? 

From the Activity tab> Registration, it is possible to access your waiting list (if you have activated it). If you’re unsure how to create a list, you can consult the following article: Create a Waiting List for more information.

When you have customers on a waiting list for an activity, as an administrator, you can register one of them should a spot open up. You can also choose to have an email sent advising clients of an open spot, and you can remove names from the list as well. I invite you to consult our article managing a waiting list if you are not already familiar with this function.

 2. You would like to know who is present at each class?

No problem! Amilia allows you to generate an electronic attendance list. If you prefer a paper version, the list can also be printed as an excel table. Using our attendance feature, you can keep track of who is attending your activities.

Check out our article: Using the Virtual Attendance list

In addition, it is possible to export an Excel report that allows you to see every person who is registered in your activity. This report can be accessed by selecting the box next to the activity name and choosing the Selection Summary from the Operations drop-down menu. You will have two choices, either the standard version or the detailed version. The standard version includes only the clients’ first and last names, while the detailed version allows you to add additional information, such as phone, gender, etc.

 3. One of your activities did not have enough entries?

First, if you haven’t received as many registrations as expected, we’ve designed an option to share your activities via Facebook. This will increase visibility and encourage more registrations to your activities.

You can also still cancel the activity if you must. Before canceling your activity, it is important to notify registered customers, and then they must be un-registered and refunded (or credited). Once the activity no longer has registrations, you can go under Activity > Edit to apply the changes to the activity in question, and then set the status to “cancelled” so that your customers are not longer able to register to this activity in your store.

 4. Convert session spot into drop-ins 

Following your registration period, you may still have available places in your classes. If you also offer Multipass, did you know that you can convert all your remaining places into drop-ins with a single-click? It’s easy! From the Activites tab (registration), simply select the activities with the remaining places you want to convert by checking the box in front of those activities. Then, select “Covert Session Spots” from the Operations drop-down menu to complete the conversion.

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