In February and March of each year, Quebec organizations who provide certain daycare services can generate RL-24 tax receipts for children who are eligible to receive them. Once you have received an email from your organization informing you that RL-24 slips are ready, you may recover them via your Amilia account.

As an account owner, ensure the following information is in your user account:

  • Eligible child's first and last name;

  • First and last name of the adult(s) who will receive the tax credit;

  • Social insurance number (SIN) for the adult(s) who will receive the tax credit;

  • Full address;

  • Specify if the tax credit is remitted 100% to the 1rst or 2nd guardian, or 50/50;

  • If applicable, ensure the 2nd guardian's information is within the account.

  • In the child's profile via the Members tab, scroll under Forms by Organization and ensure SIN information is visible to the organization in the ? Other information for this organization section.

Missing information will result in the inability to generate an RL-24 receipt.

How do I update my account information?

Via the Members tab, select the name of the member(s) you wish to update. Ensure to verify the contact information for each child for each organization from whom you're expecting an RL-24 tax receipt. Click here for more details on how to update member information.

Where can I find my RL-24?

Connect to your Amilia account:

  • Click on the Documents tab on the left side of your screen

  • After clicking on the tab, you should see your RL-24 tax slip(s).

Why can't I see my RL-24?

If the statements are not found in the Documents tab, here are some possible reasons:

  •  The administrator of the organization may not have finished generating all of the statements ( it can be a time-consuming task). However, you should receive an email informing you when your statement is ready.

  • The information provided in your child's profile was not complete when the receipts were generated. The following information needs to be in your child's account:
    -  The SIN of the first and second parent (if applicable)
    -  The postal address for the first and second parent (if applicable)
    -  The child's birth date
    -  Authorize an organization to view SIN information (via the Members tab under Forms by organization)

  • The activities you enrolled in were not eligible for tax returns. If you're unsure, check with the organization(s) that you have registered with.

NOTE: If you have any questions related to your statements or you prefer to receive your receipts by mail, we encourage you to get in touch directly with the organization.

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