Have you seen our webinar on 10 Ways to Improve your Business Outcomes with Amilia? We received your questions and have posted our answers here. Your participation is key to helping us improve! If you have any questions or comments, let us know in our Community or contact us at support@amilia.com.

I have very specific business rules and I'm not sure if I can use these features or where to start. What should I do? 

We recommend consulting with your CSM before implementing anything new. They can help you set up correctly from the start.

If you have just started with Amilia and are working with an Implementation Specialist, you can consult with them.

Are there any extra fees using the Rentals module in Amilia? 

It does not cost money to use the actual Rentals module, but an Amilia service fee is applied on a rental contract based on the amount charged to your client. The service fee per rental contract will never exceed 10$, so as not to penalize you for large contract amounts.

Is it possible to rent out equipment using Amilia?

Currently, our Rentals feature allows you to rent out spaces ( i.e. physical locations). Equipment can be added as an extra to the rental agreement, but cannot be rented for periods of time. This is a feature we wish to develop in the future!

Do you have tips on how to save time when configuring things in Amilia's backoffice?

We sure do! Here are some features you should check out:

  • Saved templates for reports in the Activity and Memberships tabs. No need to configure your report's columns every time you generate it. Save a template for limitless future uses!

  • If you're starting a new session, import previous program(s) and duplicate activities to avoid starting from scratch. It's a real time saver!

  • Mass edit allows you to edit similar fields in multiple activities at once. If you'd like access to this feature, let us know at support@amilia.com.

Where can we find more information about integrating Amilia on our website? 

Amilia offers two solutions:

  • iFrame integration: Allows your clients access to your Amilia store while staying on your website. Configure your iFrame via the Store>Store embedding tab.

  • Link Buttons: Allows you to embed customizable buttons that will redirect your clients to your Amilia store. This can be achieved via the Account>Options tab.

How do I integrate my Google Analytics into my Amilia store? 

Click here for information on how to integrate analytics into your Amilia Store. We'll soon be hosting a webinar focused on leveraging our web marketing integration tools. Stay tuned!

Is it possible to have more tools in the Communication tab? 

We understand your need for more capabilities which is why we're actively looking to partner with a third-party provider, with the goal of supporting more features and options to manage your email campaigns through Amilia.

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